Tuesday 20 September 2016

✪ Spiralling Skywards (Falling #1) ✪ Lesley Jones ✪

It only takes one defining moment.
One look.
One dance.
One conversation.
Sarah knows from the second she meets Liam that their connection is more than just instant attraction. Its deep, its consuming, and has the potential to be the real thing. But true love comes at a price.
Fuelled by Liam's past, Sarah's issues, and a messy web of family ties, business partnerships, and exes, the combined forces threaten to snuff out their new found relationship. Will that spark be smothered by outside forces? Or will they be carried like smoke from the ashes and sent spiralling skywards?

Written in Lesley Jones usual heartfelt, witty, and emotional voice, this dual point of view story is just the beginning of her Spiralling series. Look for book two, late 2016.

As a New South Austrian, I loved this book from the first word to the last - but then again, Lesley Jones captivates me every single time.

Liam and Sarah's didn't have me in the corner, rocking back and forward in a crying mess like her other books, it did bring out all the emotions. I laughed out loud, I was happy, I was sad, I was frustrated and angry and I may have yelled at her a few times as I was reading.

I enjoyed the banter between the characters, the way they bitch at each other like only close friends can.

And what do we always say - secrets never remain secrets and things never go well when they are revealed. Communicate people!!

I love love loved Liam - even when I didn't like him at times.

There were some great secondary characters that I would love to learn more of.

So now Ms Jones I need more. This week would be good!