Tuesday 25 August 2015

✤ Tough Love ✤ Lori Foster ✤ Ultimate #3 ✤

© Bianca Janeane

• MMA Fighter Romance
Ultimate Series #3
• the book includes a Buckhorn Brothers novella ☺

• release date: 25 August 2015
• 544 pages
• #4 - Fighting Dirty (Armie☺) - will be out 23 February 2016

5 Stars

She's playing hard to get to win the MMA fighter of her ultimate fantasies in a sultry new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster

Vanity Baker loves a good, clean match, but she's not above playing a little dirty. She's wanted Stack "The Wolf" Hannigan from day one. Seems as though the best way to corral the famously commitment-phobic fighter is to insist on keeping it casual. And her plan works
deliciously welluntil Stack's past steps out of the shadows.

Stack learned early to stay free of attachments. But with sexy, forthright Vanity, he's the one always left wanting more. Then his troublemaking family comes back into the picture, threatening everything Stack cares about
Vanity included. Suddenly he realizes they're much more than friends with benefits. He's ready to go to the mat for herbut will it be in time to protect the woman who's tamed him for good?

We all remember, how in the last book, Vanity asked Stack to be her date to Cannon & Yvette's wedding.
A date including sex!
She's been in love with the fighter ever since she came to town, but Stack is not after something serious.
Let the fight begin...because Vanity is playing dirty (verrry teasingly and erotically dirty!). She wants her man and she'll get him! And not just for one night!

But Stack hates lies - and Vanity's whole proposition was kind of a lie - because she didn't admit to having feelings already....

Stack's commitment-phobia is not the only thing standing in the way of their Happy Ever After...
Lots of family-problems and lies and half-truths and dogs and f'ing brothers-in-law ☺☺☺


I'm not telling you that of course ☺


Finally the next book in Lori's fighter series - only it's not really a fighter-fighter series - there's not much fighting going on. At least not much fighting between guys in a cage ☺

Another very sexy and funny romance!!!
I loved every moment - especially the scenes featuring Armie and all the other guys! Grrrrr can't wait to read Armie & Marissa's book!!! ☺

Vanity is sooo amazing - the way she takes care of the dogs and Stack's family. Just adorable.
And the big bad fighter with his soft heart for family and those cute dogs.

Lots of sexy scenes!!!!

I just love this series!
It's sooo adorable to see all those big bad fighters falling for their girls one after the other ☺

TOUGH LOVE was an amazingly beautiful & sexy & suspensy Romance!
You'll love it!!!!!

I WOULD SOOO LOVE IT if someone would make a movie/tv-series out of this book - just so we could stare and fangirl at Cannon all day long!!!!

Now I can't wait for Armie's book - he already changed his hair to it's natural color for Marissa ;)

 ARC received for an honest review
Woohoo, it seems like I have been waiting an eternity for this next Ultimate book - well, yeah, that is an exaggeration, but woohoo, it is finally here!
I adore these fighter boys - though this time there seemed to be more fighting outside the cage and the gym than in it!
Stack and Vanity have been circling each other since she first moved to town, and if you have read the other books in the series, you will remember how she propositioned him at the end of book 2.
Man, the universe sure did seem to be out to stop them every fulfulling said deal!  It was as if fate didn't want them together - ever!  Maybe they are just too much sexy for the universe to handle?

I loved that through it all, they fought for what they wanted - each other.  Stack is the whole package - ripped, sexy, and a heart of gold.

Vanity is so strong.  She fights not just for herself, but also everyone she cares for.  The way she took care of Stack's family, looks out for her best friend.

And don't get me started on those Ultimate men!  I want them in my life!  Right this minute!

I cannot WAIT for Armie and Marissa's story - that is going to be one hell of a show!

So hurry up Ms Foster (I mean that in the nicest possible way!) - I need more!




Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN.

Lori hosts a very special annual “Reader & Author” event in West Chester, Ohio. Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children’s Home.

Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity. You can see the benefit romance books here: http://lorifoster.com/benefit-books/