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☼ Emme Cross ☼ ST. BARTS ☼ #3 + #4 ☼

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#3 - Back to St. Barts
- 15 August
 #4 - Baby on St. Barts - 15 August
• more Books planned☺


Sunny O’Hara and Sven Larsen fell in love on the Caribbean Island of St. Barts. But now they've moved to Los Angeles where the actor is working on a new movie. Sunny is at loose ends, trying to fit into his life but also establish one of her own. Then something happens which will change everything . . .

This is the third book in the St. Barts Romance series by Emme Cross. Set on the island of St. Barts, eight square miles of gourmet restaurants, designer shops, yachts . . . and sultry secrets.


Awaiting the birth of their first child in St. Barts, Sunny O’Hara hopes that movie-star bad boy Sven Larsen is ready to be a father. He’s writing her love letters from Europe where he’s working on a new movie. But two events will shatter her dreams in the most compelling St. Barts book yet. This time there may be no way back for Sunny and Sven.

BEFORE READING THIS REVIEW - make sure you've read books 1+2 ☺

Book #3

After all the excitement of the last book, Sunny & Sven are now happily living in Los Angeles.
Only it's not really all that happy.
Yes, they love each other and the sex is amazing, and even though for the first time in her life, Sunny found some friends her own age... Sunny is lonely and alone.
Sven is gone all day, working on a new movie, and Sunny is doing everything she can to turn his old apartment into a new home.
Plus, suddenly Hollywood thinks she and Sven are the new IT couple, and Sunny has to attend a million events and she has to hire a stylist and dress up all the time.
And there are Paparazzi everywhere.... Sven might be used to that Hollywood stuff... but Sunny...

she'd rather run around in shorts at home on St. Barts.
But she loves Sven and she wants to make this work, she wants to start a future ... full of love and babies and happiness.

Will Sunny & Sven make it?
Will they get their HEA?
Or will Hollywood destroy their young love?
Will Sunny go back to St. Barts alone?
Will there be a Cliffhanger????

NOPE - not tellilng you - #NoSpoilers ☺


In Baby On St. Barts ... we might already guess where this is going
We already know that Sunny is pregnant, only now Sven knows it too and the idiot thinks she cheated on him... BUT - he reacts almost all grown-up about it

But before Sunny can go back to LA to tell Sven all about the baby, an earthquake hits St. Barts...
Lots of bad moments for our Islanders happen ....
Sven is worried like crazy - it takes him forever to get to the island - with airports closed and storms etc...

In all the time they haven't seen each other, another guy might have shown some interest in Sunny - and she might've even been tempted... And I'm not talking about Sponge

Will Sunny & Sven FINALLY get their HEA?
Will everybody survive the earthquake?
Baby-Name guess anyone?? ☺☺☺
Will there be a Cliffhanger????

no Cliffhanger - but the series not finished - Emme still has lots to tell us about Sunny & Sven ☺

Ugh - I loooved those 2 new books.
Finally back on beautiful St. Barts with Sunny & Sven and all the other adorable co-stars.


I'm sooo in love with the whole atmosphere of the books - being in St. Barts must be soo amazing. I can almost see and feel and smell the beauty of the island.

But we start in LA first... I'm a huge California fan too ☺

Who I wasn't a fan of,  was SVEN!!!!!

Ugh, that idiot - I could've killed him in the first half of book #3 .... and poor Sunny is so understanding and grown-up about it all. I really love her. But of course we love Sven too... he just has LOTS of growing up to do until he can get his HEA with the love of his life.

I don't want to write too much - you don't want to be spoiled ☺
Just know that I LOVE this series.
Sunny is such an amazing character!
And Sven.... so adorable and kind of totally lost without his Sunny ☺

This is such a beautiful series. An amazingly different kind of love story, with amazing characters, set on the beauiful Island of St. Barts.
Please go and buy the books - you won't regret it - you will fall in love with Sunny, Sven + St. Bart's just like I did!

Can somebody please call Hollywood - I would LOVE to have a TV Show about Sunny & Sven and all the other Islanders!!!!

and now please Emme - GIVE. ME. MORE!!!!

I NEEEEED to read what will happen to Sunny & Sven next!



Emme Cross is a veteran journalist who has worked at the biggest media outlets in Canada and has met everyone from politicians to rock stars. She writes for and reads the news on the most popular radio station in the entire country and researches and writes for the largest radio news station as well. She is an avid reader, gardener, world traveler and foodie. She lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and their English Bull Terrier.