Monday 3 August 2015

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Title: Curve Ball
Series: Homeruns #2
Author: Sloan Johnson
Genre: MM Sports Romance
Published: July 29, 2015

Jason Kleins living with the fallout from a decision he knew was the right one at the time. He never told anyone about the love of his life, which left him to mourn alone when he found out the man he gave his heart to had been killed in combat. Now, his heart has had time to heal, but hes not sure hes ready to let himself move on. Until he meets Cam Morgan

Without a job lined up following graduation, Cam Morgan took his best friend up on his offer to move to Milwaukee and stay with him until he could get on his feet. The last thing he wanted to do the day after getting to town was go to a party filled with a bunch of jocks. Sure, they were
professional athletes but Cam was convinced that bigger bank accounts didnt make them any more accepting of people like him. He certainly didnt expect to meet Jason, the Mavericks catcher who broke every stereotype hed had.

What started out as one hot, sweaty night together quickly grows into something deeper. Jason welcomes
Cam into his home and his life, but now he has to teach the younger man that its not a sign of weakness to let people help you.

ARC received for an honest review

It seems like forever since the first book in the Homeruns series , but it hasn't been.  It has just been me impatiently waiting that has made it seem so much longer.

We got a tasty morsel of Curve Ball at the end of Wild Pitch, and I have been chomping at the bit for Curve Ball.

So while I loved Wild Pitch, I LOVE Curve Ball. I couldn't see how this series could get better, but it did!

Jason Klein and Cam Morgan could not have been more different. Jason, baseball star manly man.  Cam is quieter, more effeminate, into fashion and cooking.

But boy do they complement each other!

From the minute they first met, you could feel the pull between them.  Their emotions jumped of the pages I couldn't help but laugh, cry, love with them.

At times I wanted to slap Cam across the back of his head for being so damn stubborn, but as the story progressed I had more of an understanding of why he acted like he did.

And Jason - OMG the feels!  His past still haunting him today, my heart ached as he struggled to move forward without feeling he was betraying his past.

What I loved about this story was that it was more that sex.  Hello, I loved the sexy times, but this was more about Jason and Cam forging their new relationship and not just relying on sexual chemistry.

I adored that we got more of the characters from the first book - which you do not need to have read before reading Curve Ball, but why wouldn't you want to.  Was great to see how Sean and Mason (book 1) are settling into their lives together.

Cam and Jason's story is a bit more gritty, a bit more angsty than Sean and Mason's - nothing over the top - and I really liked it!

The one person I was most intrigued by was Cam's roommate Drew. I am very much looking forward to reading his story in the next book.

Keep writing the m/m stories Ms Johnson - I really think it is your thing!

Curve Ball Excerpt © Sloan Johnson 2015

“If you have something to say to me, just say it.” I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel to keep from shaking Drew. He was one of the youngest guys on the team, and right now, his immaturity showed through brightly. It was about time someone knocked some sense into him, before he wound up earning a bad reputation, both on the field and off. “I won’t apologize, because I haven’t done a damn thing to offend you.”

“Really? I shouldn’t be pissed off that I had no clue you were gay?” Drew seethed, his brown eyes narrow slits as he glared at me. “And I should be totally cool with you loading up my friend in the middle of the night to take him back to your place, right?”

“Yeah, actually you should,” I quipped, twisting the wheel tighter. “Cam is a grown man, and if you truly care about him, you should be fucking ecstatic that he’s getting out there to meet people.”

Drew muttered something to himself as he went back to staring out the window. His shoulders slumped forward and he seemed to shrink in his seat. I knew that look. It wasn’t one worn by a concerned or pissed off friend, it was the look of a man who felt the love of his life slipping away from him.

“How long have you felt this way about him?” I asked. My chest tightened, knowing that I wouldn’t stand between them. Drew and I might not be close, but I liked to think of him as a friend, a brother on the team.

“Doesn’t matter.” The response was so quiet I could barely hear the words. As I pulled up to the stoplight, I placed my hand on Drew’s shoulder, unsurprised when he jerked away.

“It does,” I assured him. “And you have to know I wouldn’t have done anything with him if I’d known.”

“Don’t say that. I’ve known for a long time that he’d never feel for me what I do for him.” I suddenly missed the anger Drew showed earlier. “If the way he looked this morning is any indication, you’re exactly what he needs in his life. And if I put my own feelings aside, you’re more than that. You’re what he’s always wanted.”

That was not how I expected this conversation to go. It started exactly as I’d seen it in my mind, but I hadn’t expected Drew to step aside. Maybe I was wrong in thinking that he was immature and selfish.

“Drew, if you say the word, I’ll back off. I’m not willing to destroy two friendships just for a few nights of fun.”

“The only way I’d ask you to do that is if that’s all this is for you.” I pulled up in front of the grocery store, but neither of us moved to open our doors. “Cam is one of the best guys I know. He’s got a big heart, but sometimes, he’s a little too open with it. If you’re only in this for a couple of hot nights, then yeah you should walk away from him.”

I felt backed into a corner. Sure, I’d thought about what it’d be like to explore something more with Cam, but I wasn’t in a place to do that. It had nothing to do with being on the road most of the year and everything to do with my own inability to be open with those around me. I’d grown accustomed to never letting anyone get too close, and Cam had already seen more than people I’d known for years. There was no way I’d be able to hold back if last night and tonight turned into something more.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” It was the most I could promise him. 

Sloan Johnson is a big city girl trapped in a country girl’s life. While she longs for the hustle and bustle of New York City or Las Vegas, she hasn’t yet figured out how to sit on the deck with her morning coffee, watching the deer and wild turkeys in the fields while surrounded by concrete and glass.

When she was three, her parents received their first call from the principal asking them to pick her up from school. Apparently, if you aren’t enrolled, you can’t attend classes, even in Kindergarten. The next week, she was in preschool and started plotting her first story soon after.

Later in life, her parents needed to do something to help their socially awkward, uncoordinated child come out of her shell and figured there was no better place than a bar on Wednesday nights. It’s a good thing they did because this is where she found her love of reading and writing. Who needs socialization when you can sit alone in your bedroom with a good book?

Now, Sloan is a tattooed mom with a mohawk and two kids. She’s been kicked out of the PTA in two school districts and is no longer asked to help with fundraisers because she’s been known to lose herself with a good book and frget she has somewhere to be.