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♬ Bradley's Whistle (Pornstars of Romance #2) ♬Kirsty Dallas ♬Release Blitz and Review ♬

Bradley’s Whistle
Was he a hitman? A Navy Seal? Gigolo? I had no idea what Bradley Emerson did for a living. I’d figure it out though, secrets didn’t sit well with me and I loved a challenge. ~ Wiska
I wanted her. I didn’t want to want her, but the brain in my head was no longer in control of this vessel. Wanting her went against my rules, but apparently my male member was a rule breaker.  ~ Bradley

A comedy romance
By Kirsty Dallas

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ARC received for an honest review

It seems like forever since I read Decker's Wood and been waiting for Bradley's Whistle.

But the wait is over my friends - and the wait was well worth it!

Bradley Emerson - Emerson to everyone but his nearest and dearest - is Decker Steele's - the Decker from Decker's Wood - best friend and after having his heart shredded by the porn star he thought he loved, Leah, he has been getting his whistle wet when and where he wants.

"This man would no longer dream about porn stars; even the porn on my computer sat in an untouched folder that I practically hissed at it every time I booted the damn thing up.

This whistle was not whistling for porn stars ever again, nuh-uh, no way."

When Wiska James, along with Casey and Lionel (we met them in Decker's Wood) land on his doorstep in
London, things get interesting

I adored Wiska from the minute she showed up on the page! Really, there is nothing not to adore. She is sweet, funny, a bit klutzy (like me!) and just the kind of girl any woman would want as a friend, and any guy would be lucky to have. I just wanted to know more about her, to bitch slap the people who hurt her, to hug it all out.

Bradley falls instantly in lust with Wiska - who wouldn't I ask you?? But as their story progressed, it was a joy to read along as they tripped and fell in love with each other. I LOVED that it was not an insta-love kind of relationship - I get the insta-lust, but am not a fan of insta-love relationships. He struggles with what is in his head and what is in his heart, and I just wanted to tell him to just do it!

"Come on, womb whistle. You really need to back the fuck off. I can't walk around the goddamn hospital with you trying to break out of your package."

There was no filter between Wiska's mouth and brain at times. She came out with some very random questions and theories at times!

And then there is Casey - I love him and all his crazy! I would love nothing more than a Fancy Dress Friday with him and Lionel. He is zany and weird, protective and loving. The kind of friend we all need in our lives. As nutso as he is, he and Lionel are the calm in the storm for both Wiska and Bradley -

Bradley's Whistle is amazing. I could not put it down once I started, and even though I only finished it last night, I am already impatiently waiting the next in the series, Leah's Who-Ha!

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