Monday 4 May 2015

✪ Review ✪ Pucked ✪ Helena Hunting ✪


ARC Received for an honest review

Book about a hockey star - yes please!

I really did not know what to expect when I started reading Pucked, as this is the first book by Helen Hunting that I have read.

I have to say, I really did enjoy it a whole lot!

After a bad relationship with a hockey player, Violet Hall has sworn off hockey players.  Too bad her family is involved in hockey and she is often surrounded by "hockey whore" players, hey.  Her brother is a pro player, her step dad is a scout.

Alex Waters is the team captain, sexy as sin, and not what Violet would call the usual hockey thug.  Yep, still a man whore, but intelligent too!

What happens when your one night stand becomes more?  This is Violet's story of just that things.

I adore Alex. Smart, sexy, successful.  And man is that boy persistant!  I loved how he pursued Vi, trying to change her mind about hockey whore players, change her perception of him. 

The attraction between Vi and Alex is off the charts.  Right from the start they are drawn to each other like moths to flames - and getting to close to the flame is never going to be good.

Or is it?

You can tell from the start that this is never, ever going to be smooth sailing.  Preconceived ideas, rumours, their history are all going to conspire to make this one heck of a bumpy ride.

More than once I wanted to shake the pair of them, tell them to sort their crap out, talk to each other before jumping to conclusions - but then again, what fun would that be?

There are some very funny moments, some great scenes involving MC's (you will have to read to see what that is!), boobs, beavers.  So much innuendo and so many double entendres.  And when we get to some sexy times - whoa, hot!

There may even be something like this involved...

I have to say, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with more than one character.  I still am not sure how I feel about Vi's step brother Buck.  Do I like him? Do I loathe him?  Gah, it changed over and over as I read the book, and as I write this the next day, I am still undecided!

Pucked also shows some of the darker side of fame, how the intrusion of the media can affect relationships.

I am not sure if there are going to be more books with the characters we were introduced to in Pucked I sure do hope so.