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The Hurley Boys #3
• release date: 26 May 2015
• 384 pages

The Hurley Boys is a contemporary romance series featuring Paddy, Ezra and Vaughan and Damien Hurley (who found his HEA in LUSH). Set in their home town, Hood River, Oregon, these three brothers and founding members of mega alt rock and roll band, Sweet Hollow Ranch will find their HEA. First up is lead singer Paddy in The Best Kind of Trouble out in August 2014, followed by Ezra in December 2014 and last but not least is baby brother Vaughan in March 2015.


4.9 Stars

Former model Kelly Hurley has finally put the ashes of the past behind her. After a passionate but turbulent marriage to rock star Vaughan Hurley that ended in heartbreak and divorce, Kelly rebuilt her life in Portland, where she settled so their two young daughters could be close to their father. Just not so close Kelly couldn’t truly make her own way without interference from the man who shattered her heart. Now Kelly’s finally ready to move on, and she’s planning to marry another man.

But not if Vaughan has anything to say about it.

Vaughan knows he was a fool all those years ago. A young, selfish
and pridefulfool. Even as he buried himself in the fast, decadent rock star lifestyle, he could never drown out the memory of Kelly’s beauty and love. Or the sweet, searing heat whenever they touched. For years, he’s had to deal with the pain of seeing her only because of their daughters, but it was never enough. Now Vaughan must prove that he’s the only man Kelly needs, before he loses her for good. And there’s only one way to do it


We all remember Kelly & Vaughan from the previous books in the Hurley Boys series ... and now - kind of at the same time as Ezra & Tuesday's story is taking place, we finally get to hear about Kelly & Vaughan.
We knew that they were married once - back when they were really young - and they had two adorable daughters - but somehow they ended up divorced and all of Vaughan's family seem to hate Kelly now. But of course that's all Vaughan's fault, he never really explained to his family what all happened back then between him and his wife.
The thing is - he couldn't deal with the rock-star fame and lifestyle and still take care of his girls and he basically screwed it all up. And even though he never really meant what he did and said back then - his pride kept him from doing something for a long time.
But now he's ready. He's grown up a lot over the years, and now he's ready to be a full-time Dad and husband.
But it's not as simple as just telling Kelly that - she needs proof. And apologies - apologies that he really means.
Plus there's the fact that Kelly is kind of engaged to Ross now :/


I'm not telling you that of course ☺


Finally Vaughan.
We always wondered why his marriage with Kelly didn't work out....
Now we know and we sooo want them to have their Happy Ever After!!!

I really enjoyed the story.
It wasn't one of those weird romances with lots of misunderstandings and lots of unnecassary drama.
It was just perfect.

Starting with the shock of Kelly & Vaughan's daughter getting sick ... and then, when she's back home from the hospital, Vaughan decides to move in to help with the girls and prove to his ex-wife that he has changed.
And of course other romances would make a big deal out of the ex not wanting him living there bla bla - but Kelly is mostly thinking of her girls - and what could be better for them, than to have their beloved Daddy live with them.
And of course it doesn't hurt that he's still the hottest guy she's ever laid eyes on...

and she's still in love with him. But there have been soo many mistakes and bad times....Vaughan has a lot to prove until Kelly is ready to totally forgive him.

It was a really sweet & sexy romance. With no drama and weird artificial problems. Just a great love story about two people who were not ready to be together they finally are. It's so adorable to watch Vaughan try. How he finally realized that he missed soo much of his girls lives ... but he's really giving everything he has now!!!

And the whole Hurley family is so great. I would sooo love to be part of this crazy family! They're all so funny and cute and nice - plus, most of them are ROCKSTARS!!!!☺☺☺

 And now I will just quote from my review for the first books in this series - because it kind of applies here too:
When I started reading I was kinda expecting something different - something more exciting, or more no idea - more suspensy or rock-star-ish maybe.
But the book just flows along like one of those 90's rock ballads - maybe NOVEMBER RAIN by Guns'n' idea what I mean exactly though☺ Maybe when I read the words ROCK STAR in the blurb - I kind of expected the book to be like SEX ON FIRE by Kings of Leon, but like I said, it's more of a long and slow ballad....BUT - that doesn't mean that I didn't love it - I totally did.

BACK TO YOU  was an adorably sexy Rockstar-Romance - about second Chances ... which hopefully finally lead to a Happy End.

I would totally sit in front of a TV every week if someone would make a tv-series out of this amazing Hurley Family!!!! Fangirling at rockstars every week??? HELL YEAH! ☺
Why are there no TV-Show about rock-stars on TV at all??? Where are Josh Schwartz & Joss Whedon when you need them?





Lauren Dane has been writing stories since she was able to use a pencil, and before that she used to tell them to people. Of course, she still talks nonstop, and through wonderful fate and good fortune, she’s now able to share what she writes with others. It’s a wonderful life!

The basics: Lauren is a mom, a partner, a best friend and a daughter. Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest, she spends her late evenings writing like a fiend when she finally wrestles all of her kids to bed.