Wednesday 6 May 2015

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“When the odds are stacked against you, you don’t run and hide. You step up and give life the middle finger.”

Author: Becca Lee
Title: A Perfect Love
Series: Perfect #2 (Can be read as a standalone)
Cover Design by: LM Creations
Edited by: Hot Tree Editing

Jo is confident her life is about to spiral out of control and change irrevocably. What she doesnt expect is just how far her world will tilt. Floundering and confused, she discovers life and love isn't always knee deep in hearts and flowers. Sometimes, lifes middle finger is pointed firmly in the air.

Liam never expected perfect, but from the moment he said "I do", he knew he had it. What he doesnt expect, is life throwing crapballs the size of Ayres Rock at him! Sometimes, lifes aim is a little too accurate.

When Mother Nature steps in and throws their world into disarray, Liam and Jo need to decide just how far theyre willing to go to find their perfect love.

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ARC received for an honest review

This is the second book in this series (Book 1 is A Perfect Moment), but this can be read as a stand alone.

It has been a while since I read the first book, A Perfect Moment - so thank you Ms Lee for including the epilogue of it at the beginning of A Perfect Love to refresh my memory.

Fresh back from their honeymoon, Liam and Jo have so much to look forward in their future together.

But when events from their pasts rear their ugly heads, Liam and Jo know that fighting for their love is the most important things.

And boy, did some crap from their pasts make a return.

I absolutely adore Liam and Jo.  So much in love, so perfect for each other.  But life and love is never meant to be easy, and I love how they push through all the obstacles that are put in their way, nothing is going to ever stop them being there for each other.  Through all the crap and their imperfections, they are perfect for each other.

We got quite a bit of their pasts in this story, and we can see how it has affected them over the years, and has made them the people they are today.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Jo is unbelievably strong.  I want to be as strong as her when I grow up!

We also get more of Ella and Preston from the first book.  It was great to catch up with them, see where they are at these days (though it is not far down the track from where we left them!!)  Both couples lives are so intertwined, that there is no way we could have one couple without more of the other.

This books is more than just a love story. It is a story of what happens after the love is found.  The difficulties that our couple have to  go through to keep an relationship alive.  It shows that it is not all rainbows and butterflies, how outside forces can affect the relationship, and hopefully make it stronger every day.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Perfect Love, and I cannot wait to see what Ms Lee has for us next.


“What did Liam say? How’d he take it?”
I snorted, spraying a few crumbs on her bed. She raised a brow at me. “Well, he passed out, and I think he may have even knocked himself out, as well, after that by banging his head.”
She laughed, holding on to her ribs as she did so. “Holy shit. Really? I wish I could have seen that. What did you do? Is he okay?”
“I threw frozen veggies at him.”
Ella laughed again. “Awww, your maternal instincts are kicking in.”
Reaching for another cookie, I looked at her and guffawed. “That’s what I thought. It has to count for something.” Continuing to look at me, Ella remained quiet. I knew she was waiting for me to continue. “He was as freaked out as me. Now he keeps having this weird smile on his face and looking at my stomach and me. Last night, I woke up needing a pee to find him beneath the blankets…” I laughed at her raised eyebrows.
“Do I want to hear this story?”
“I would have been bloody ecstatic if he was going down on me, but the weirdo had his ear to my stomach and was lying perfectly still. After I realised I wasn’t going to get lucky, I asked him what the hell he was doing. You know what the dork told me?” Ella pursed her lips, a slight smile playing at the corners. “He was listening. What the hell did he think he was going to hear, for Christ’s sake?” There may have been a part of me that was just slightly touched by his dorkiness. It was ridiculously sweet, and yes, weird as hell as I was only barely pregnant, but the knowledge that he was actually beginning to get excited about being a dad made me feel a bit gooey inside.
“Did your ovaries just spasm?”
“I swear my ovaries just went into a spasm or something. That has to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever bloody heard, and from Liam, hard-arse extraordinaire. Damn, I may just need to call up Preston and see if he can pop by for half an hour.”
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Spending the last few years near the Queensland coast, Becca is rarely out of the sea or off the beach. Dragging her long board with her and her overworked Kindle Fire, Becca enjoys her three addictions: reading, surfing and ogling surfers, one of whom is her husband of ten years. 

She can still be found regularly on the beach with her family. Becca tends to leave the surfing to her boys; she's far too busy immersed in her own writing or, of course, with her head still buried in a new read.