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✜ Give Me Love ✜ Paige P. Horne ✜ #1

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• 244 pages
• release date - 15 Mai - 2015
• Book #1 of 2

When a blonde haired, grey eyed, Kathrine Harris is forced to go out with her friends for a night of forgetting and carefree fun she has no idea her world is about to turn upside down. This is going to be a night we wont forget. Her best friend Claire and roommate says, but Kat has no idea how true her friends words are.
 Bryce Grant, a handsome, dark blue eyed; young successful club owner, who doesn't do relationships gets a fire lit in him the moment Kathrine walks in the door. Can two lost souls come together and help each other heal and move on from their deep, dark past. Or will they destroy each other and leave hearts broken and more damaged than they were before?

 Kathrine just broke up with her idiot of a boyfriend. She never really loved him anyway - and she especially didn't love his rich family.
Now she feels just sad for herself and hangs around at home and reads all day. That's why her roommate 'forces' her to go clubbing one night.

Enter Bryson Grant.

He's the owner of the Club and he's immediately attracted to Kat ... she feels the same - he's illegally hot...
But both don't want a relationship - Kat, because she just came out of a long one, and Bryce, because he just doesn't do relationships.

Something else they both have in common is their past...
In the prologue we hear what happened to Bryson and his family when he was little, and from Kat's comments, we kind of get what her life has been like....

But of course the past and the no-relationship-rule, doesn't stop them both from falling for each other....

But there are still too many problems in their way - like Kat's best friend Jake, who is acting weird.
And someone from Bryson's past might come back to stir up trouble...
And both Kat & Bryce don't really want to share all of their troubled past with the other.....

What will happen to Kat & Bryce?
Will there be a HEA?
Will everybody die at the end?
Or will there be a horrible Cliffhanger?

I'm not telling you that of course ...☺  

I don't want to spoil anything ☺ Ok - not a real Cliffhanger... ;)

I really enjoyed the story...

I just can't dislike a book that makes me cry in the prologue already ☺

I really liked Bryson and Kat - they're so cute together.

There were looootttsss of sexy scenes ...

... and funny scenes and very moving scenes... frustrating and adorable scenes....

Plus the scenes with Kat's best friends Jake & Claire and Bryce's brother Jace .... I really liked those.

We also get some flashbacks to Kat's past - really interesting to see what happened back then...

The tiny little things I didn't like?
Well, it's not really a like or don't like's more that you just notice that Paige probably read Fifty Shades of Grey a while back, and then decided to try her own hand at writing ... you notice that it's her first try too ... the story doesn't really have a flow to it ... which doesn't make the book bad, but there's definitely room for more ☺

The story itself wasn't all that innovative too... nothing that I haven't read a dozen times before... but also nothing that I wouldn't read another dozen times again - because I just love those kinds of stories ☺

It was a tiny little bit too 'insta' for my tastes - they meet and bam! - he says: come with me - and she goes with him ☺

And what doesn't fit for me... is the cover? Just looking at the cover, you expect something dark and suspensy...and it has a few of those elements - but it's basically just a cute romance with two people who have some problems left over from their past...but it's not a story that's as dark as the cover suggests ☺
But..I really like the cover - maybe Paige can use it again one day - for a story that would fit it ☺

but still....

Give me love was a really sexy and moving romance ... about two people with a bad past, trying to find their Happy Ever After....can't wait to see what happens in book #2 ☺

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Paige is the author of her new book, "Give Me Love." Which releases May 15, 2015. It is the first book in the series and she is currently working on the second and final book now. She has always had a love for writing and reading a good story. But writing is her passion. It gets her up early before she heads off to her day job and keeps her up late at night.
Paige lives in Georgia with her wonderful, artsy husband who works in the film industry. They have two crazy dogs, Dodge their Great Dane and Dottie their wild Dalmatian. You can usually find her typing away on her laptop or with her kindle in hand reading something juicy.

"Life is about loving what you do and who you do it with."