Tuesday 5 May 2015

❤ Author Spotlight ❤ Anna Clifton ❤

We adore Anna Clifton's writing, so it is a pleasure to do a spotlight post on our blog.

Romance and the Big Bang Theory

Its unlikely to be news to anyone with a pulse that the romance genre dominates the book market place. Every year thousands of romance novels are released. And out there waiting for them are more than twenty-nine million romance readers worldwide.

With thousands of romance novels flooding the market each year its easy to understand why critics of the genre might blankly claim that theyre all following the same recipe.

Im glad those critics are wrong.

Romance novels today are as varied and fresh as theyve ever been. Its as if the collective imagination of their authors is like the creative big bang, continually expanding in all directions to find new ways to tell stories.

Not that every romance plot is the literary incarnation of the big bang. Some romance novels are very mellow and close-to-home when it comes to conflict. But in my experience, thats unusual. Most romance authors will go to the ends of the universe to explore the mystery around human spirits colliding in a blaze of conflict and then falling in love.

I began writing romance novels because I wanted to write love stories that were born out of that kind of conflict the kind of conflict that lies explosively deep within a characters belief systems, their values, even their sense of who they are. I really wanted to know, for example, why a girl would stay engaged to a man who would never allow her to reach her full potential (Alex in Falling for the Lawyer). 


I wanted to know why a man would have a whirlwind love affair within weeks of his beloved wifes death (Adam in Adams Boys). 


 I wanted to know why a man who could have absolutely anything he wanted would deny himself the one woman he does want (Justin in New Years Promise).

And then I wanted to know what would happen if they fell in love.

When I started writing my fourth novel I didnt even stop to contemplate a cushy conflict that would put happily ever after in the sure-thing bag from page one. Once again, my what-if these two conflicted spirits collided and fell in love question was buzzing around inside my head like a persistent mosquito.

What if  Harry Halligan, a thirty-something, high-profile artist believed, for the sake of his children, that he must reconcile with his estranged wife and bring her home? What if he hired a twenty-three year old nanny, Somer, to fix his messed-up, out-of-control life so that he could achieve just that? What if Somer became convinced that the only way she could face her own past was to make sure her bosss dream of marriage reconciliation came true? What if

From Anna Clifton comes a sweet, emotional, beautiful romance about a man whose life has been derailed and the unexpected woman who can help him get it back on track.

Its for other reasons that I wont need a nanny beyond a month.

Twenty-three year old nanny Somer Sullivan has never had a job quite like this one: fix the messed-up, out-of-control life of high-profile artist and thirty-something dad Harry Halligan. But Somer is organised, efficient and not afraid of a challenge.She will do everything Harry needs her to do, including bringing his ex-wife home for good.

One month, Harry, and Ill be out of here.

Harry Halligan doesnt want a nanny, but he needs onehe needs Somer. Shes the only one who can reach his troubled daughter, who can bring some measure of peace to his home. But as Somer advances her mission to fix his life, a few things become clear: his ex-wife might not be the answer, and Somer just might be. But Somer is running like hell from something in her own life and hiding in his.

Only one thing is for sure. Harry now has less than a month to make the hardest decision hell ever have to makea decision that will change all of their lives forever.

Anna Clifton writes contemporary romance novels with a special focus on legal eagles and the modern urban family. Her third novel, New Years Promise, is out now and her fourth, Making Ends Meet, is due for release through Escape Publishing on 22 June 2015.

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