Monday 11 November 2013

Review - With Every Heartbeat (Cities of Love #1) by Melody Grace

Rome. The city of young lovers, old secrets, and intoxicating new desire...
I thought I knew what I wanted in life. I thought my destiny was set. Then I met him, and everything changed.

Raphael is bold, passionate, and seductive. He sees something in me I never dreamed possible, and now he's determined to show me a world beyond rules -- a dance without limits. I want to trust him, but I'm scared. Because I know once I fall, there'll be no going back.

An innocent dancer. A mysterious stranger. As Annalise is drawn deeper into the romantic delights of Rome, she'll question everything she believed about her future. But with opening night looming, can she find the strength to risk it all? And will she be forced to choose between her one true love, ballet, and the new passion in her heart?

Find out in this enchanting new series from the USA Today & international bestselling author of UNBROKEN, Melody Grace.
Review by Janeane = ARC received for an honest review =

With Every Heartbeat has a bit of a different feel to Melody Graces other works (the Beachwood Bay series) and is just as enjoyable.

19 year old ballerina Annalise  has dreams to make it as a company dancer with the American Ballet.  It has been ingrained in her since she was a small child that she should follow her mothers footsteps and become the best, forsaking everything else, including enjoying her life.
 On tour in Rome, things start to change.  And all due to a tall, sexy stranger.

Raphael dances for love.  It is was what wants to do with every fibre of his being, much to his father's disgust.
With a chance meeting, Annalise and Raphael embark on a romance that will change them both forever.  

It might take them here
 and they may indulge in some of this
Both Annalise and Raphael have always tried to please their mother and father respectively.  Gotta say I am not particularly a fan of either of them!

Will the bow to the pressure of their family, or will the begin to live their lives as they truly want to?

For that, you are going to have to read for yourself!

I love Melody Graces writing style.  She transports me to the other side of the world, and I can imagine myself wandering the streets of Rome, taking in the sights and sounds around me.  And I loved Raphael's love of the food - I am sure if I was in Rome I would leave the size of a barn.

This is a sensual love story more than hot and steamy.
I loved that this did not wrap with "perfection" for every character.  They are still working with family problems etc.

I look forward to reading more of Melody Grace's work.


Melody Grace is the author of the USA Today & internationally bestselling Beachwood Bay series: UNBROKEN, UNTOUCHED, UNAFRAID, and UNTAMED HEARTS. A small-town girl turned SoCal beach lover, she loves bad boys, good men, and steamy happily-ever-afters.