Saturday 2 November 2013

Promo post - Spitfire by Kate Mathias

Title: Spitfire (The Silver Oaks #3)
Author: Kate Mathias
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 28, 2013

Arie Reynolds is a strong willed, independent woman. Her life as a stuntwoman in movies is enough to keep her fulfilled. After nearly losing her life in an accident, she finds that she has a new ability one that allows her to cross into a parallel reality. When shes once again faced with her mortality, she must decide how shell use her ability will it save her life or will she end up losing the one thing that matters most?
Cole Mercer is a charming firefighter whos used to getting what he wants out of life, until he fell for Arie. Through the difficulties of her career and a seemingly impossible choice, can Arie make the right choice? Can Cole tame this spitfires heart or will he be the one that ends up getting burned?

Anytime. Great to meet you Palmer!
You too, Phillip. The sky opened up and the giant droplets struck the ground. Palmer squealed and tried to cover her head.
Brant grabbed her hand and this time she didnt complain as they started running toward the truck. Palmer missed avoiding a puddle and stepped clumsily in it splashing cool water up on her jeans. She tried to hold her purse over her head but the contents spilled out on the now wet ground.
Palmer stopped running to gather her belongings that were all rolling in different directions.
Save yourself! I got this! Brant yelled to Palmer as he scrambled around grabbing lipstick containers, earplugs, and a box of Kleenex.
He held out the now soaking wet box of Kleenex and shrugged his shoulders. Keep it?
Palmer stood and started to laugh whole-heartedly. Brant was on his knees and soaked so that his wet shirt clung to his body. He gazed up at her and couldnt help but laugh too as she was standing in front of him dripping wet.
Her hair hung in wet blonde strips around her face and her mascara started to create rivers down her cheeks. She bent over and clutched her stomach as she continued to laugh.
Who looks like the drowned cat lady now? Brant teased.
Okay, stop. My stomach hurts from laughing so much. Palmer looked over to the eight feet that separated her from the truck. She held her hand out for Brant and he slipped his warm hand into hers.
I guess theres really no need to run now since were soaked, huh? He opened the truck door for Palmer so she could climb in.
Once they were warm and dry inside the cab, Brant took his thumb and wiped the streak of mascara off Palmers cheek.
So, do you have a hair dryer in that purse too? Brant joked.
Ha ha. You wish. Whew! Look at us! Were soaked and Im freezing.
Brant clicked on the heat and held his hand up to feel the warm air that started to blow through the vent. He reached behind the back of the seat and pulled out a sweatshirt. As he draped the warm, dry shirt over Palmers shoulders, she leaned in closer to him.
Thank you, she muttered quietly.
Brant took a wet strand of hair and tucked it behind her ear. Anytime. His eyes flicked down to her pink rose bud mouth and he instinctively licked his lips.
A familiar churning began in Palmers belly as she gazed up at Brant through her wet eyelashes.
Brant slowly moved closer to her and sweetly set his mouth on hers. His warm tongue invaded her mouth and ran along the edge of her teeth. A small moan escaped her lips as she matched his movements. She reached her arms up and entwined them around his neck, pulling him closer to her. His warmth and sweetness poured into her in the form of a kiss. She greedily sucked and twirled her tongue around his, desperate for more.
When he broke away she was breathless. She gulped at the air as she felt a flame lick through her body.
I hope that was okay. I shouldve asked first, Brant whispered.
Trust me, it was better than okay. Feel free to do that again and often, Palmer glanced at him and grinned sheepishly.
Brant laughed, Well, good to know. How about we get something to eat? Are you hungry?
Im starving. But not for food.

About the Author

Kate lives in Arizona with her husband and three children. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Fun Facts about Kate:
I've been skydiving and have flown a small airplane.  
My dad's a pilot and I've taken a plane off numerous times.  
I'm an adventure junkie and love the thrill of roller coasters and anything that moves high and fast.  
I can't get enough of sweets and often have dessert after breakfast.  
I don't drink coffee or tea.  
I'm a night owl and tend to stay up every night until midnight even during the week.  
My family and friends always come first and I'm dedicated to other's happiness almost to a fault.

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