Thursday 1 February 2024

🌼 THROUGH THE GLEN 💚 Samantha Young 💐 #HighlandSeries3 🌺


• 1 February 2024
• Highland Series #3
• #AdairFamily Spin-Off

4.9 Stars

He’s a cynical, world-weary Londoner. She’s a shy Scot. They might seem like opposites, but a few weeks in the Highlands will bring them together in ways they can’t imagine…

Theo Cavendish is the second son of a British viscount, and he’s spent years running from the aristocratic world he grew up in. Betrayal and loss taught him lessons he’s not quick to forget. As an award-winning screenwriter and creator, Theo prefers to throw himself into the world of film and television. He moves from one project to another, never really letting anyone truly know him.

As a housekeeper at the exclusive Ardnoch Estate, shy Sarah McCulloch feels invisible most days. No one really knows her, and they definitely don’t know she’s a bestselling crime writer. She dreams of seeing her series on screen and believes only one person can develop it for television. On the day she quits the estate for good, she shares her secret with club member, Theo, and asks him to consider her books.

Sarah never expected him to say yes or to show up on her doorstep ready to write with her. Or that weeks spent locked up in her cottage would lead them to form an intense but undeniable connection. A bond that Theo is not sure he’s ready to accept, even though he can’t bear to be without her.

However, when they finally venture out of their bubble, Theo finds he’ll have to battle more than his own demons to protect Sarah from hurt. For he’s got another fan, one intent on bringing the darkest elements of his most famous script to life. And unless he can figure out this real-life antagonist’s next move, Theo could be in danger of losing Sarah forever.

Sarah + Theo

We already met them both in the previous books. 
Theo is a famous Hollywood writer and director and Sarah is/was working at Lachlan's private club. But she just quit, because she doesn't need the money anymore. She's been secretly writing mystery books for years and recently her books have gone viral on social media and now Hollywood wants to make a series out of her books. But she wants Theo to write the script ... together with her. Theo only writes his own stuff. But after reading the books and seeing how all of Hollywood is after those movie rights - he wants in!
Hello weeks and months of close proximity in a small cottage to do some writing... and stuff .... 🤣

The next book in Sam's Highland series!
And it was so adorable and sweet and sexy and funny and a bit heartbreaking and of course we also got a bit of suspensy and mystery.
I loved reading it.

There's not much you can say about a Sam Young book that hasn't been said before. I just love her books. I could read one every week for the rest of time!

Like I already said in my reviews for the other Highland and Adair books - I could totally imagine this as an amazing Netflix show. We already basically 'see' everything Sam writes about. She describes everything so beautifully. The people, the places... everything. I really need to see this on the screen!
And I especially want to see and hear Theo!! GIMME!

From the covers to the final words ... these Scotland books are just beautiful!

THROUGH THE GLEN as the perfect 3rd book in the Highland Series!
Adorable and funny and sweet and dangerous and heartbreaking and sexy!
Run to your nearest bookdealer for your own THEO - this one is SO MINE!


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Samantha Young is the New York Times,  USA Today  and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of adult contemporary romances, including the On Dublin Street series and Hero, as well as the New Adult duology Into the Deep and Out of the Shallows.  Every Little Thing, the second book in her new Hart’s Boardwalk series, will be published by Berkley in March 2017. Before turning to contemporary fiction, she wrote several young adult paranormal and fantasy series, including the amazon bestselling Tale of Lunarmorte trilogy. Samantha’s debut YA contemporary novel The Impossible Vastness of Us will be published by Harlequin TEEN in ebook& hardback June 2017

Samantha has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award 2012 for Best Author and Best Romance for On Dublin Street, Best Romance 2014 for Before Jamaica Lane, and Best Romance 2015 for Hero. On Dublin Street, a #1 bestseller in Germany, was the Bronze Award Winner in the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2013, Before Jamaica Lane the Gold Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2014 and Echoes of Scotland Street the Bronze Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2015.

Samantha is currently published in 30 countries and is a #1 international bestselling author.