Monday 22 January 2024

✿ Snowy Mountains Dawn (Bundilla #4) ✿ Alissa Callen ✿


Release date 31st January 2024 

A diehard country girl. A city-boy newcomer. Some rules were meant to be broken... Opposites attract in this delightful rural romance, set in charming small-town Bundilla, from bestselling Australian author Alissa Callen

Horsewoman Brenna Lancaster has no time for relationships. Unless a man looks good on a horse and lets her call the shots, she isn't interested. She'd rather wear a dress and heels than give someone else power over her life.

Finance guru Wyatt Killian is a self-made man who has left the train wreck of his childhood behind. There is zero room in his workaholic world for downtime and distractions, let alone emotions or country girls.

When Wyatt's corporate horse-riding retreat is led by a woman determined to unplug him from his urban life, it isn't just his laser focus that becomes compromised. Being in a saddle unlocks a part of himself that he'd long ago discarded. In a rare moment of nostalgia, he prolongs his stay in the high country.

After Brenna becomes mired in a family secret that involves a historic feud and bushrangers, she has no choice but to involve Wyatt in the search for answers. But as Wyatt's past collides with his future, and the only home Brenna has known comes under threat, both must decide what they need to let go of and what is worth fighting for.



 ARC received from Harper Collins Australia for an honest review

Going back to Bundilla is like going back to good friends and getting a big bear hug. It may be a while between seeing them, but it warms you heart when you do.

This country mouse meets city mouse story had me wrapped around it's little finger, and once I started I only stopped to sleep.

I have adored Brenna in the earlier books, and I loved her strength, her independence, and her capacity to love those around her.

But she doesn't need love, and Wyatt has her all flustered when he comes to town.

Oh, how I adored this pair, neither of them wants nor needs it, but the attraction between them is just too much to ignore.

And the local busybodies/matchmakers see it too. Oh they hijinx lol

I loved getting more of the couples from the previous books, how all their lives intertwine each book.

And who can forget the best matchmaker of them all, Bundy the Kelpie lol

I really love immersing myself into the world of Bundilla, and I hope we get more in the future.