Wednesday 1 February 2023

❤ A Different Kind Of Love ❤ Nicola Haken ❤


Love is simple. People are not.

Despite growing up without it, William Walker knows all about love. He loves his wife. He loves his children. He loves the cat. He has the perfect family, and all he had to do to get it was push aside one pesky little feeling.

Unfortunately, love doesn’t pay the bills.

Following redundancy, an opportunity thrusts the amiable electrician into a world he’s only seen on the big screen, a world he’s now a part of creating. As a spark on a movie set, William is enthralled by the challenge. The freedom. The possibilities. And, in particular, by one very charismatic actor…

Laurence Cole.

The trouble with Laurence is that he makes that pesky feeling resurface. Worse, the longer he sticks around, the stronger it grows, the more it changes. Into what, William doesn’t know. It’s not love. William Walker knows all about love.


It’s a different kind of love.






ARC received for an honest review

Nicola Haken has done it again with A Different Kind Of  Love.  

I adored every word as I was reading, and thought about it for a couple of days after I finished it.

William and Laurie will have you thinking, will have you wanting to scream at them not to do it, then scream at them "Oh my god, why didn't you?"

It is a beautiful story of becoming who you truly should be, even though you know it is going to hurt those you love.

William will worm his way into your heart and soul. Even writing this, over a week after I finished reading it, my heart hurts for him. He is such an amazing, loving man.

An emotional rollercoaster of a story, you will feel like you have been through the wringer by the time it ends, but it will be worth every second of it.



Born in Manchester, England, Nicola Haken is an author of multiple genre-hopping romance novels, including Bring Me Home, Broken, and Goodbye Kate. She lives in Rochdale with her husband, four children, and a menagerie of pets, is addicted to Pepsi Max and chicken nuggets, and wishes Harry Styles was her best friend. Like one of her characters, Hugo Hayes, Nicola is autistic, and has battled with her mental health her entire life – winning every time...eventually. With two of her kids also on the spectrum, life can get pretty…interesting! When she’s not locked in her office playing with her imaginary friends, she can usually be found reading, binge-watching boxsets, or belting out great songs and pretending she doesn’t sound like a cat in distress. Oh, and if the kids ever ask, she moonlights as the Pink Power Ranger while they’re sleeping…