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💜 Ella Frank 🔥 CONFESSIONS: ETHAN ⭐ #Confessions7 - 1/3 🏳‍🌈

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• 21 February 2023
• Book #7 in the Confessions series
• #1 in the Ethan/Zayne/Chloé Trilogy
• MMF Romance

4 Stars

Everything in the world is about sex except sex.
Sex is about power. ~ Oscar Wilde

Desire. Dominance. Sex.
Ethan Holt is in the business of all three.
He believes that any fantasy can be created,
and that any kink should be explored.
Why wouldn’t he, when he has several of his own?

Control. Ethan has to have it.
In his job at The Office.
In his relationship with Zayne.
He's very particular on who he lets in his world,
and even more so on who he lets in his bed.
After all, he’s not the only one who sleeps in it.

Everything in their world is in perfect order,
just the way Ethan likes it.
Until a mysterious redhead walks into their club
and turns their world inside out.

What happens when control turns to chaos?
Do you give in to it? Or do you make chaos…submit

Confessions: Ethan begins a new sub-series within
the Chicagoverse. It is an MMF contemporary
romance series that revolves around
Chloé Thornton-Priestley, the wild-child daughter of
the three P’s. This can be read as a standalone series.

ARC received for an honest review
Ella Frank - dang girl, this book is hot, hot, hot!
Like David Rose...
Seriously, Chloe, Zayne and Ethan have sparks flying from
the first minute to the last.
Chloe's dads are my favourite throuple, so it was great to get
back into the Chicagoverse years down the track.
i will say though, that Chloe's age made things a bit cringey
for me at times (but this is just a Janeane thing).
I loved how they all open up (not that way, you dirty birdie -
though yes, that too haha),
especially as we learn more about the boys.
Speaking of the boys, I spent so much of the book wondering
why Ethan's name was so familiar. Ella has told us we haven't
met him before, and then BAM at about 70% it hit me -
it is the same name as the leading man in Leisa Rayven's
Bad Romeo series (but definitely no relation!).
So if you are reading along and wondering why he is familiar,
that is probably why.
Looking forward to finding out how her dad's deal with things
in the next book.
In the meantime, Ethan and Zayne send their love

Chloé + Ethan + Zayne

We all remember Chloé's dads from their own trilogy.
And yes, I said dads. And not only two dads. Three!
Now Chloé is finally old enough to know what she wants.
And she wants to go to a private sex club for her 19th birthday.
The dads can't know obviously.
She's immediately fascinated by the two owners of the club.
Long time couple Ethan and Zayne.
And those two are just as fascinated by that
beautiful innocent girl.

I loved Chloe's dads books so I just had to read this.
It sounded so good. Chloe with two guys. Just my thing.
But what is not my thing is the whole sex club part.
And even worse: the whole Dom thing. Ew. #ConstantCringe
So I almost stopped reading in the very beginning.
But I kept on going...
And it got better. I still HATED the whole sumbissive part,
the whole Power thing and the SIR
and kneeling and all that cringey talk and her age!!
But it was also cute and sweet and sparky and porny and a bit
heartbreaking with the guys' pasts and families.
I also hate that we have to wait for three books. Why?
One slightly longer one would've been enough.
I hate waiting - it's horrible with my books alzheimers!
I'm not sure if I'm going to read the next two books.
But I think I will. I'll just fast forward through all the dom stuff.
I want to know how the dads will deal with everything! LOL!

It's not the book's fault that I hate that porny genre.
But I love Ella's Chicago world and I'm pretty sure that this
will end up being a very cute and sexy trilogy.

CONFESSIONS: ETHAN was a great start in this
very sexy and cute MMF romance trilogy!

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Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series,
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