Monday 30 January 2023

♚ Queen of Myth and Monsters (Adrian & Isolde #2) ♚ Scarlett St Clair



Isolde, newly coronated queen, has finally found a king worthy of her in the vampire Adrian. But their love for each other has cost Isolde her father and her homeland. With two opposing goddesses playing mortals and vampires like chess pieces against one another, Isolde is uncertain who her allies are in the vampire stronghold of Revekka.

Now, as politics in the Red Palace grow more underhanded and a deadly blood mist threatens all of Cordova, Isolde must trust in the bond she's formed with Adrian, even as she learns troubling information about his complicated past.



 Copy received from New South Books for an honest review

Queen of Myth and Monster carries on right where book 1 ended.

Adrian and Isolde are at war - with the other countries, and with each other (of sorts)

I really wanted to really like this one, the first book had me interested in where things were going, but to me, this installment just felt like a whole lot of filler.

Adrian and Isolde, for at least half of the book, are fighting then effing.  I mean yeah, fighting as foreplay can be hot, but here it was just repetitive. I found myself skipping, trying to find out what was happening next.

I just couldn't find myself particularly invested in it like I was the first one.  Adrian has lost some of whatever it was that I loved about him in the first installment, Isolde just came across a lot as a petulant child.

I just don't think I am interested enough now in going back and reading the next part, sorry Scarlett St Clair