Thursday 18 October 2018

✪ Must Be Crazy (Darling Cove #3) ✪ Deborah Garland ✪

Having it all means risking everything...
By Deborah Garland

Release Date: October 23, 2018
275 Pages

How much can one person take?

Skye Mallory’s brother and sister have found true love and now her father expects her to be next. Except, she’s keeping a secret that will devastate her family.

Edward Mendelsohn has been a patient man, secretly desiring a woman he can’t have. Running his architecture business, raising his son by himself and volunteering for the fire department has left no room in his life for romance.

When a fire wipes out Skye’s apartment and business, the woman Edward wants so badly ends up in his arms.

As quick as Edward and Skye discover their scorching desire is quite mutual, a bizarre conflict of interest swiftly tears them apart. Can their love survive without everything else going up in flames?

Having it all means risking everything…

ARC received from author for an honest review

This is my first Deborah Garland book, so I have not read the previous 2 books in the Darling Cove series, however this did not affect my enjoyment of Must Be Crazy.

Skye Mallory hasn't had the best of luck lately. Douchey ex boyfriends being the least of them.

Edward Mendelsohn - well, isn't he all kinds of swoonworthy. I mean really, what a guy!

Just when both think their life has take a turn for the better, their pasts come back to play.

Oy, what a piece of work Skye's ex is. I just wanted to hit him in the head with my Kindle everytime he turned up on the page. And then he does stuff and I am like "seriously Skye and Edward, you aren't going to do anything about that?". It was like it was just all forgotten - but not by me! I wanted to see him get his comeuppence!

But this could just be me.

I enjoyed watching our lovelies fall. There were so many obstacles to overcome, however by acting like adults, the did this without any stupid miscommunications and the like.

I adored Skye's family, and couldn't get enough of a couple of them in particular (I don't want to spoil who, but they will steal your heart).

I enjoyed this story, and will be going back to read the earlier books in this series.


Once Edward came out of search and rescue mode, he had to think about next steps. A working fire meant a Fire Marshal had to be called out. Luckily it wasn’t too late in the evening and he would get there soon. The power and gas had to be cut off, and those representatives needed to come out as well. Plus, Julian was somewhere close by.
He turned to focus on where Heather might be with him. He looked down the block, and froze, catching the silhouette of a little boy. Bright red hair. Running. In the other fucking direction. “Jules!” he yelled and forgetting everything else, ran to chase down his son.
Where the hell was Heather?
Reality slammed into his thoughts, calming him down. This was Darling Cove. There were firemen and policemen everywhere. Nothing was going to happen to Julian. But where was he going?
Edward skidded to a stop when he figured it out.
Julian had reached the ambulance. From a distance, Edward saw her family part to let him through. Skye, who was sitting up, reached out her hands for him.
What the…?
He picked up his speed and ignored the look of shock on all the Mallory faces as he burst past them. “Julian, what are you doing?”
“Making sure Casey’s okay, Daddy.” Julian stroked the Golden Retriever, which was on the gurney with Skye.
In a flash, Edward’s worlds collided. Heather. Casey. Skye. Casey was Skye’s dog.
“Oh, thank God.” Heather came up behind Edward, out of breath. “Julian, I told you Casey was fine.” Shaking, she pulled on Edward’s jacket, turning him around. “I’m so sorry. He just took off.” She sounded like she was ready to cry.
“It’s okay.” Edward touched her arm.
When he turned back, Skye was looking right at him. The moment slammed him as if he’d been hit by one of his fire trucks. He had to talk to her now. He took a step back, ready to bolt as he’d been doing for the past year, but a foot was blocking him. Greg.
Edward was trapped. He opened his mouth to speak, but Skye beat him to it.
“Edward, this is your son?” She held Julian’s hand.
Despite the humidity in the air, heat soared through his body when she said his name. “Yeah.” He tipped his helmet back, feeling the sweat on his forehead. The last time he checked his reflection, there was soot around his mouth and eyes. He probably looked like a wreck. “I’m sorry he bothered you.”
“He’s not bothering me at all.” She released a small cough and looked at Heather. “I didn’t realize you and Edward…”
“Oh no.” Heather put up her hands and waved away the allegation. “I rent an apartment in his house and I watch Julian from time to time.”
“I see.” Skye fluttered her eyelids and returned her gaze to Edward. She flicked her head back, like a thought had hit her in the face. She leaned forward and pulled at his jacket. With the slimy bottom fisted in her hand, she cried out, “Was that you? Did you save me?”
“Um.” He hated this part.