Friday 12 October 2018

✪ Fool's Errand (Cartwright Brothers #) ✪ Lilliana Anderson ✪

I’m a tomboy through and through. But when the man of my dreams walks through my door, I want to be all woman. But that’s not how I roll….

Skirts and dresses, makeup and perfume. Things I knew nothing about. With my red hair and lanky body, I was just one of the guys. The ‘cool’ girl they hung out with but rarely dated seriously. Not that I had time for relationships anymore. Ever since my grandad passed, I’d been working day and night to try and salvage the failing locksmith business he’d spent his lifetime building.

Then he walked in. Abbot Cartwright. Childhood friend. Collector of many women. I hadn’t seen him since he was thirteen.

He grew up good.

He also liked to play games. Games I was willing to be a part of, at first. Then things started getting serious—and illegal...

I had feelings and morals.
Abbot didn’t have either.
He needed my expertise, and I needed his commitment.

Seemed neither of us was going to get one without the other. And I was getting too old to play games.

ARC received from author for an honest review

Firstly, I just love this cover. I think it is all about the cuff.  Yeah, I love that cuff.

Lilliana Anderson, this series just keeps on getting better and better, and I don't want it to end.

We are up to brother number 4, Abbot, and there are so many things that I just adored about this story.

I loved that it wasn't some kind of insta-relationship with Abbot and Sloane - there is history.

I LOVED that Sloane is an older character - at my advanced years, it is getting harder to connect with the younguns (cue the "back in my day" speeeches)

Things from earlier in the series are still playing out in Fool's Errand, so you will probably want to read the earlier books before diving in here.

Sloane is a woman I want to be friends with.  She takes not crap, she's all
There was so much emotion in Fool's Errand.  As we learn more of Sloane's history, the more Ms Anderson pulled at my heartstrings.  The more I read, the more I loved her.

I also loved getting more of the other Cartwright brothers and their lovely ladies.

I can't lie, I still am not a fan of Jazz or Holland, and I just want them to fall out of the pages of the book, never to be seen again.  (sorry Lilliana, but you know my feelings!)

 Just when I think I know where the story is headed - nope, I was wrong!

I feel like the Cartwright family have become friends over the past year.  As much as I love them, they do things that make me want to hate them - but I can't.

What I am really looking forward to now though, is Toby's story.  The best has been left to last and I know that I am going to be taken on one hell of a ride.

I. Can't. Wait.