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♥ Lauren Blakely 🎻 ONCE UPON A WILD FLING 🎵 #Heartbreakers3 🎤 #Excerpt ♥

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✔ Miles, a sexy single dad who will melt your heart!
✔ Roxy, a strong and loving heroine who makes her own choices! 
✔ A proposition that'll change her world!

✔ Ben! The most adorable six-year-old you'll meet in a rom-com!

• 8 October 2018
• Book #3 in the #Heartbreakers series
• standalone/connected romantic comedy
• Dual POV

4.75 Stars
There are a million reasons why Miles Hart isn't the man I should date but allow me to enumerate the top three.

He's friends with my brother, he's a single dad, and he's a sexy, in-demand rock star. He might as well wear an off-limits, totally unavailable, and don’t-even-attempt-to-ride-this-ride sign.

And there’s one more, little itty-bitty thing -- he's never asked me on a date.

That is, until he asks me to be his plus-one when his band plays at his high school reunion. It shouldn’t be a big deal. After all, we’re just friends, and no one is giving us our own hashtag. Except me . . .


I have three good reasons to keep my hands off Roxy Sterlingher brothers my business manager, my kid is the center of my world, and the last time I fell hard for a woman I was burned so badly that my interest in relationships has gone up in flames. But once I bring Roxy’s body next to mine on the dance floor, I want all the not-safe-for-work things I can't have with her.
My brain knows there’s no way for us to work, but tell that to my big mouth. Because the second she plants a hot, sexy kiss on me, I have the bright idea to ask her to keep being my plus oneturning one night into a few.

What’s the harm in spending a little more time with her and having her by my side at all these events? Nothing at first, until I learn exactly how risky we might be.

Roxy and Miles.
We already met Roxy as the best friend in book #1. And Miles is obviously the last single Hart brother. He's single because the mother of his six year old son Ben left them only two days after he was born. But Miles is totally ok with that now. He loves focusing 100% on his little boy. Ben is his world.
That's what Roxy wants too. But how will that ever happen with ten years of bad online dating behind her?
For now she's perfectly happy to be Miles' plus-one to his highschool reunion!
And the sparks are mega flying on the dance floor and all through that night.
But he's a forever single single dad and she's done dating.....

What will happen with Roxy & Miles?
Will there be a HEA?

Awww ... adorable!
Such a cute and fun single parent/friends-to-lovers-ish romance!
I loved reading it!
It was funny, very sparky, sexy, sweet, New Yorkish.
I just adored those two and Mini-Miles Ben - such an adorable little guy! And of course I love the other brothers and their ladies and kids!
Amazing cast!
We don't have an insta happy end of course ... it will take Roxy and Miles a little while until they realize that being single sucks. But they'll get there. And we have an amazing time witnessing their journey to that happily ever after!
Great Romance! I will miss those Heartbreakers!

Plus also ... I wouldn't mind seeing this on Netflix one day!

ONCE UPON A WILD FLING was such a fun and adorable & sexy & parenty & New Yorky love story!! Run to your nearest amazon asap for your own Miles - this one is MINE !!!

ARC received for an honest review

And  Lauren Blakely has left the best till last with the Hart brothers.
I have been eager for Miles Hart's book since we first met him in Campbell's book, and I was not disappointed.
I mean single dad? Check! (and hot!)
Friends to lovers? Check! 
Sexual tension up the wazoo? Check!

Miles and Roxy's story was all kinds of adorable.  I just can't with them!  

Their's is a bit of a slow burn, I mean they each want the other but fight it - whilst I am on the other side of the kindle screaming at them to go for it!

I cannot lie though.  Ben (Miles' son we have met in the previous books) is the real chicken magnet here.

Oh how that boy has stolen my heart!

I loved getting more of the other Hart brothers and their ladies. I love the banter between them all, I love their support and love for each other.  Gah, I want to be in their circle of friends. 

I am going to miss the Heartbreakers series, and I hope the Ms Blakely comes back to them some time in the future.


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I sit down again, scrubbing my hand over my jaw. My son looks at me, his eyes big.



“Dad what?”

“Daddy, you’re going to play at your high school,” Ben practically shouts.

I hold up my hands. “Whoa. Not so fast.”

He crinkles his brow. “But you told everyone. You said you would. That’s so cool that you told everyone you were going to become a rock star, and you did. And now you can go back and play for them.”

William parks his chin in his hands and stares at me, batting his eyes. “What would Ed Sheeran do?”

I sigh, partly because I’m not sure if I’ll run into the same situations I try to avoid—like the come-ons at the Bingley School. But honestly, the reunion intrigues me. I loved high school. Loved the friends, loved the good times, loved how it all rolled into some of the best moments of my life. Playing at the reunion also sounds like exactly what I should do—honor the promise I made fifteen years ago. “Looks like I have a reunion to go to.”

But when William’s sister walks into the café, I’m not thinking of high school or teenage years. I’m thinking about how sexy she looks in those jeans and that green top that slopes down one shoulder, revealing pale skin I’d like to—

I slam on the brakes.

She’s your buddy’s sister. And you’re not interested in anything serious because serious sucks.

“Hey, Roxy,” I say, then do my damnedest to strike the dirty thoughts from my mind as we chat and William tells her all about my reunion promise.

Even though I’m thinking about her legs most of the time.

For the record, it’s really fucking hard not to think about something when you know you’re not supposed to—that pretty much guarantees it’s the only thing in your head.

But once the food arrives, the chicken sandwich is so insanely tasty it distracts me from imagining how my friend’s sister would look naked.

God bless chicken sandwiches.


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