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• 18 October 2018
• Jerk Duet 
• Book #2 will be out 25 October

4.75 Stars

I’m Luciana Wright.
Everyone calls me Lucky, but when it comes to love, I’m anything but.
I have a long history of dating the wrong men.

You know the ones I’m talking about.
The beautiful, charming guys who are quite literally too good to be true.
The ones who are impulsive in love and prefer short flings over long-term relationships.

I’m talking about the jerks.

The guys who taste so good, but are so very bad.

After going through the most ridiculous breakup in the history of breakups, I thought I’d learned my lesson. I officially put myself into jerk rehab and committed to changing my ways.

But, let’s be real here, love is never that easy.

Especially when an arrogant, charming, he-devil of a sexy alpha man gets involved.

Aussie accent.
Tanned skin.
Muscular, surfer bod.
Gorgeous brown eyes.
And the kind of sexy smile that brings women to their knees.

Oh, did I mention that he’s also my best friend’s brother?

Yeah. This story, my story, it’s a real doozy you guys.

The day I stopped falling for jerks, I met Oliver Arsenthe biggest jerk of all.

Eeeep - a new Max Monroe Rom-Com Duet! YES!!!

Luciana - Lucky - just broke up with her latest idiot of a boyfriend. It all started as a we'll-stay-friends kind of break up, but it ended rather publicly in Yankees Stadium. LOL.
And now - after saying NO to any kind of dating, especially jerks, for the next 200 years - she meets him: Hot aussie surfer boy Ollie. Brother of her best friend and colleague Allie.
Allie organized for Lucky to travel with the surfing championship crew to write a bunch of articles about the whole thing.
Ollie might be the hottest guy she's ever met, but he might also be the biggest jerk of all. But the heart wants what the heart wants... or rather the body and the reproductive organs want what they want. And mayyybe he's not really the jerk she thought he was ....




This is not a normal book book. Lucky is writing/reading it as a podcast. Which is really funny!
I adored the book from the first page all the way through the end ... and I NEEEEED book #2 asap - it will be here in only one week - I might survive that.☺

Ollie is such a cocky and adorable guy, but they kind of started on the wrong foot - they started arguing the minute they first met at the airport. Adorable!
But of course we also see those sparks flying - it just takes them a little while to notice. Well, Ollie might notice it right away - we'll get to hear about that in the 2nd book I guess. But Lucky is desperately clinging to the 'hope' that he's a jerk and that she can't fall for him. Too cute.

I really adored this book. It was so sweet and funny and sunny and oceany and travely - we go to all these amazing places for the surfing championships. Beautiful!

The only things I didn't like about the book ...
(please don't hate me for my upcoming complaints - I really loved the book, but some things just bothered me tiny bit! ☺)
Ollie is 37 years old. That's a bit old in my opinion. He could be a rich retired surfer at age ??? 30 or 32? 37 is a bit old for Lucky and for the young vibe he has going :/

And another thing. The word PRIOR. I know the word and I'm okay with it if it's used in a book. But it was used in here EIGHT times and for those situation where everybody else would just use BEFORE or AGO. I hate prior. I know I'm weird. Very weird with some things in books. And prior is one of those things. Why use it? I've come across that word in books in the last few months a lot. No idea why? Is it some kind of thing in the US at the moment? Like I MEAN last year? I don't get it. I just don't like it - but that's just me. ☺
And then ... so sorry for my upcoming rant. THE COVER!
I like the one for the 2nd book. It's not really my Lucky either - she looks like a little fairy - but at least she's got reddish hair.
But the guy on this cover? What is that? That ear ring??? OMG. That's just horrible. HORRIBLE! He looks like he wants to audition for a George Michael Cover Band. (No offense George. RIP.)
That cover doesn't work for me at all!
And even if I could overlook the ear ring and the rest of his face and hair and make-up - he doesn't look at all like an australian surfer boy! I mean, I don't need the longish blond curls or a natural tan. But he should at least look a little bit surfish. Maybe lose the shirt or .. no idea. But not this! Sorry.
I STILL LOOOVED THE STORY. My Ollie just looks completely different.
Maybe like these ↓ - a cover without a head would've been soo much better than the ear ring one!

THE DAY I STOPPED FALLING FOR JERKS was such an adorable & funny Journalist-Travel-Surfing-Podcast-Romance! I loved it! Hurry to your nearest amazon - Ollie will be sold out in no time!!!

I NEEEEED to read book #2 now!

ARC received for an honest review

Yessss a new duet from Max Monroe.

Firstly, I don't usually much look at the covers, however this one looks like it should be the cover of a WHAM! Album (sorry Max and Monroe, but he gives off serious George Michael vibes)

I liked the writing style of this book - in the style of transcripts from a podcast.

There were a couple of things though that we were a bit ugh for me.  Firstly, Ollie's age.  It is not that him being 37 was a huge age difference between himself and Lucky - that doesn't bother me at all in any books.  It was that to me he acted a lot, lot younger.  There is no way that I felt that he was nearing 40.  Also, the cover model just did not give off the Ollie vibe either.

Sparks fly between Ollie and Lucky - though not always the sexual kind.  The banter between them made me laugh, made me frustrated, made me want this pair to fight it out - in or out of bed.  Gah, I just love them so much, even when they are frustrating the crap out of me.

I absolutely devoured this book. It is full of typical Max Monroe humour.  And being an Aussie myself, I loved that they got the Aussie slang right - thank you for that!  And thank you for not having any Crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin-isms thrown in just to prove how Aussie he is.

Lucky is very relatable.  We have all gone through crappy break ups and given them a post mortem, trying to figure out what went wrong.  

Now, what the heck was it with that ending! Gah!  How could you do that to me, Max Monroe?  How can you make me wait for Ollie's side of the story?

I need it. Right. This. Minute!


The Day I Stopped Falling for Jerks podcast
Episode 1: “Is this thing on?”

Hi, everyone.
I’d like to welcome you to episode one of my very first podcast.

[quiet, hesitant laugh]

I’m a little nervous, so please bear with me as I try to figure out how to podcast.
See, I’m more a writer of words than a podcaster of words, but what I’m about to tell you is honestly too damn big to fit into one of my columns.
Way too big.
It’s a real doozy, guys, but I have to get it out.
And I’m hoping, once I finish recording this—since my boss says I might start feeling symptomatic of, say, poisoning, if I ruin this new venture—I’ll actually be able to upload it to Scoop’s website. Apparently, I’m told, podcasting is the wave of the future, and if we—meaning Scoop—don’t get our foot in the door first, we—meaning I—might as well find another room. Room meaning office.
I’m pretty sure she’ll fire me, okay?
Still, I figure pouring my guts out to a bunch of strangers has to be at least close to therapeutic, so consider my fingers and toes crossed that my technical inability doesn’t mean it’s for nothing.

[mumble from producer]

Oh, good. I’m told the uploading portion of this podcast will be taken care of by someone else. Smart move, guys.

[laughs again]

Okay, so where do I even begin?

[long, audible sigh]

Well, I guess my love life would be a good start, huh?
I mean, it’s the whole reason I’m here, ready to pour my heart out to you.
The past.
The present.
The future, as I’ve sworn and promised it to myself.
They’re all kind of a hot mess, but it’s really the chaos I’ve gotten myself into this time that made me decide to take action.
Think of a woman trying to stand up in a hammock during an earthquake, and then throw in a writhing pit of cobras dancing below it for good measure. Add in the task of juggling several oddly shaped objects and a horrible lack of hand-eye coordination, and you might have some idea of what I look like while trying to navigate lust, like, and love.
Relationships, dating, finding love…God, you guys, it is so hard.
I envy those people who manage to find the love of their lives on a first date or—even more mind-blowing—a chance encounter a la love-at-first-sight that blossoms into a long-term courtship.
Like, how in the hell does that even happen?
It feels like some trippy, magical unicorn kind of stuff or, worse yet, an evil consecration for those with a special, dark gift. And I’m not exactly comfortable exploring how many pagan gods I’d have to promise ill-willed deeds to in order to experience the easy road to love.
Heck, even the hard road.
As long as it didn’t end in disaster, I’d be ahead of where I am now—where I always seem to be.
See, I’ve been a serial dater, a constant cultivator of bad relationships, for as long as I can remember.
Even my kindergarten boyfriend, Kenny, is a prime example of what I’ve come to know as normal.
He was a swoony little guy, even at the ripe age of nearly six, and I was a naïve five-year-old, hungry for pure love. We were happy for about a day and a half, but when another skirt-wielder, Amber Carter, ran by, the apparent love of his life—Kenny’s description of me—wasn’t the only twinkle in his mossy green eyes anymore. One push off the monkey bars, and my first official relationship promptly ended in what would be one of many breakups for me.
Think of all the very worst guys to date—the players, the weirdos, the clingy momma’s boys, and the jerks…good God, picture the jerks.
Do you have those men in your head?
Well, I, Luciana “Lucky” Wright, have dated them all.
It might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not. I’ve been there, done that, written the book, and filmed the Lifetime movie.
And all those good-for-nothing men left me with were weeks filled with Netflix binges fueled by ice cream and the same question rolling through my mind—Where are all the good men?
You know, the men who are actually worthy of us. The men who know what they want and have good intentions to boot. The ones who know how to truly love a woman, one woman, for the rest of their lives.
Are they underground somewhere? In one of those highly discriminatory bunkers from the movie Deep Impact, perhaps? Do I actually have to discover the meaning of life to get the password?
I honestly don’t know. But I believe, in order for you to truly understand my frustration, I need to show you the final straw in my never-ending cycle of dating jerks. The moment that made me say “Sayonara, Jerks!” and write them off for good.
It’s going to feel like some serious Romeo and Juliet kind of stuff, but I can tell you, a Shakespearean love story it is not.
Keep listening. You’ll see.

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