Monday 24 April 2017

⌚ Four O'clock (Time Series #2) ⌚ Josephine Traynor ⌚

Charlotte and Chris were happy to play matchmaker for Ava and Patrick - they didnt expect to find love themselves.

Im the kinda girl thats looking for one night and not anything after that. I refuse to date. Ive been down that road before and it ended in heartache. For now, Ill focus on my designs, my business and me. Thats what I told myself until tall, dark and dimpled walked into my shop and everything changed.

Im the kinda guy that girls only want for the night and even then, I make sure theres no invitation for breakfast. Broke, living with my brothers place while working in his kitchen - Im not exactly boyfriend material.

Commitaphobes Charlotte and Chris have never felt understood. These two have so much in common, it feels like they have found the other half to themselves. Shying from relationships, they move into the unknown territory of being daters.


ARC received from author for an honest review

Josephine Traynor has quickly become a must read author for me, so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on an early copy of the second book in the Time series, Four O'clock.

This book is told concurrently with the first book, so you could read book 2 without reading book 1 first, but why would you want to miss any of the goodness?

We met our lovelies Charlotte and Chris in the first book, A Quarter to Twelve, and whilst I liked them as the secondary characters there, I am so glad we have their full story now.

I knew I was going to enjoy this book, as I adored book one, but what I wasn't expecting with Four O'Clock was the emotions.  Oh sure, I knew I was going to laugh and smile and adore our couple, but I wasn't expecting the sadness and the tears that I would shed.  

Well played Ms Traynor, well played.

I don't want to give too much away, because this is a book you just need to lose yourself in for a few hours.
All you need to know is that is is sweet, fun, sexy and emotional, all rolled up into one story that I couldn't put down.

Now I am impatiently awaiting for the next book,

Meet Patrick and Ava in book 1, A Quarter To Twelve

Josephine Traynor is very good at keeping secrets - shes been a closeted writer for years, but only got brave enough last year to show her writer friend a small chunk of what shed written.

Shes a mother of two small boys and only told her husband about her book when it was completed. God knows what he thought she was doing on the computer for all those hours!

Josephines a lover of tea and has a thing for all things that smell like vanilla. She loves a good book that makes her laugh and has heaps of character growth. Her aim is to write books that inspire, cause sore stomach muscles and have memorable characters for all the right reasons.

Josephine Traynor is not her real name. The pen name is derived from Josephine being her favourite girls name and Traynor is inspired by Will Traynor from Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. His message from that book was for everyone to be brave in this world and to make their mark. This was a huge lesson for her to get over her fear of publishing. Shes doing this for her, her dream is to be a published author, whats your dream and go after it.