Tuesday 4 April 2017

✪ By Invitiation Only ✪ Kimberly Knight ✪ Release Blitz ✪

Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 4, 2017



A sacred place free from judgement or inhibitions.
The only rule: Ask before you touch.

Sensation is an exclusive black-tie party attended by at least one hundred and fifty of the clubs most privileged members, and held once a month at an undisclosed mansion in Beverly Hills.

You may watch.
You may interact.
You can come together or you can choose to come alone.

The choice is yours.

Would you like it rough?
Would you like to be caressed and worshipped?
Or would you simply like to observe?

What do you desire?


ARC received for an honest review

It has been a while since I have read a Kimberly Knight book, but what better way to dip the toe back into that pool than with By Invitation Only.

By Invitation Only is a sweet, sexy and fun story.  Booker and Peyton's getting together isn't the norm, but their attraction sure is.

They have been on opposing sides of the court room for years, but now they are finally acting on their attraction.  And boy is that attraction off the charts! And when they do more...
I loved that it wasn't all easy for them.  As much as I wanted them just to go for it, there were obstacles in their way to a HEA - or do they get one?

I love the bite and snark between our lovelies, it really is foreplay for them in the long run, and when they heat things up...

There are some great secondary characters in this story that I hope we get more of some day.

By Invitation is a spicy read, so let go of your inhibitions and take a chance on love.


Kimberly Knight is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the mountains near a lake with her loving husband and spoiled cat, Precious. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her favorite reality TV shows, watching the San Francisco Giants win World Series and the San Jose Sharks kick butt. Shes also a two time desmoid tumor/cancer fighter thats made her stronger and an inspiration to her fans. Now that she lives near a lake, she plans on working on her tan and doing more outdoor stuff like watching hot guys waterski. However, the bulk of her time is dedicated to writing and reading romance and erotic fiction.