Friday 11 March 2016

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Cold Fury Hockey #5
• release date: 15 March 2016
• 275 pages
• #6 MAX will be out soonish!

4.9 Stars

The Carolina Cold Fury hockey team proves that love is a power play. As Sawyer Bennett’s New York Times bestselling series continues, the league’s most notorious party animal gets blindsided by the one that got away.

Off the ice, elite defenseman Hawke Therrien enjoys his fair share of booze and good times. And why shouldn’t he? He’s worked his way up from the minor leagues and made himself a star. The only thing Hawke misses from that life is the pierced, tattooed free spirit who broke his heart without so much as an explanation. She’s almost unrecognizable when she walks back into his life seven years later
except for the look in her eyes that feels like a punch to the gut.

Vale Campbell isn’t the same girl she was at twenty. As crazy as she was about Hawke, her reckless behavior and out-of-control drinking were starting to scare her. She had to clean up her act, and that would never happen with Hawke around. Cutting him loose was the hardest thing Vale ever had to do
until now. Because she’s still crazy about Hawke. And if he could ever learn to forgive her, they just might have a future together.

Seven years ago, back home in Canada, Hawke and Vale had been madly in love for over four years. They loved each other, they loved life, they loved to party and drink, they loved doing stupid stuff....
But then, when Hawke finally got his chance to be a pro hockey player, and had to leave, Vale broke up with him...crushing his heart.
He had no idea why she did what she did back then, but he did his best to forget the love of his life and move on - as much as breathing hockey, having random hook-ups and lots of alcohol is moving on.

She loved this boy like crazy, but something made her end things back then - we of course don't know the whats and whys yet.
Now she's back in his life.
He's just been traded to the Carolina Cold Fury, where she just got a job as an athletic trainer.
She had to move to Raleigh, because her dad got into some clinical trial thing at Duke - probably the last chance to save his life....
And since Hawke's always been good friends with her dad, he hangs around her apartment a lot!
Even though he hates her, and she should hate him....
BUT.... to hate someone probably means that there might be some feelings left....


I'm not telling you that of course...


Finally a new book in this adorable Hockey series.

He's so grrrrr.... total bearded hotness!!!

And I really loved that we got to see all our old hockey friends again - and how they welcomed Hawke into the team...☺☺☺

Hawke and Vale were sooo in love seven years ago. They have so much history together....there must still be something left ...
And of course there is...but Vale kinda has a boyfriend and Hawke kinda hates Vale. ☺☺
Fun times!
But of course it doesn't take them too long to get closer....if it's in hate or love or lust.... who knows...☺☺

We have lots of sexy and frustrating and sad and cute moments in this book!

I really enjoed Hawke's story!
Can't say who's my favorite of the guys so far...but Hawke was really good!

I had some tiny little problems with the writing...Sawyer used some 'big' words a LOT - I'm not a fan of weird big words in simple romances, it always makes me think the author tries too hard to be 'more', smarter, wiser ...whatever... I just don't like it!

HAWKE was another adorable, sexy, funny and moving addition to this great series!
You'll love this bearded Hottie!!!!!

... and now hurry Sawyer - I want MAX asap!!!!!

Another hockey-hottie?  Sign me up!

Hawke is a new addition to the Cold Fury family, but not unknown to some of the players.

Hawke is all blue eyed, bearded goodness (I am not particularly a fan of the beard, but something about Hawke does it for me!!)

Vale is the love he lost many years ago.  Now fate has them working together at Cold Fury - and things are starting to hot up!
But we know that things are never going to be easy between them.  All that history has lead to so much more.  Secrets and lies are never a good thing - and this pair have their fair share!

I loved the push/pull between them.  For every feeling of love there is a feeling of hate.  I just wanted to bang their heads together, tell them to snap out of it and to talk!  I want them to be together, I want them to recapture their past, I want them to move forward and be happy.

But you know that it not what Ms Bennett has in store for us until the time is just right!

I loved that we got a peek into the lives of Alex, Garrett, Zack and Ryker again - and now am impatiently waiting for Max's story.

Although this was not my favourite of the Cold Fury series, it is a great book that I couldn't put down once I started!



 USA Today Best-Selling Author, Sawyer Bennett is a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn't have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.