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Jennifer Ann
Brooklyn Rockstar
Kendall Family Series #1

• release date: 16 March 2016
• book #2 Midwest Fighter - will be out soon!

(That's the book about Evelyn's brother James & her friend & room-mate Sharlo!)

4.9 Stars

Sexy bad boy Charlie Walker had everything he could ever want as a rockstar: a platinum album, a cushioned bank account, and an endless supply of groupies desperate to have him. But things changed when the band's drummer went missing, forcing Charlie to go it alone and question if he truly has what it takes to succeed in the business.

Small-town girl Evelyn Kendall has just arrived in Brooklyn Heights. With a new job and her best friend as a roommate, she's ready for an epic adventure free from her family’s constant supervision. She's not prepared for the muscle-bound, tattooed star who appears out of nowhere and rocks her world.

When Charlie locks gazes with the freckled brunette at his first solo gig, he falls hard and fast for reasons he can’t explain. Determined to keep Evelyn in his life, he’s ready to change his ways, even if they run blood deep. But will their instant attraction be enough to weather the storm brought on by the perils of fame, Charlie’s secrets, and Evelyn’s overly protective brothers?

Warning: This book is filled with sexy bad boys and strong leading ladies. If you’re looking for an engaging read with panty-melting love scenes, then you’ve come to the right place.

22 year old Evelyn just moved to Brooklyn from Minnesota.
She always felt she was a big city girl at heart, and now she's finally away from the farm, her dad and her overprotective brothers.
She moved in with her friend Sharlo. (a half british heiress, she met and clicked with online.)
First adventure of her new life: go see Charlie Walker in concert.
Who??? Evelyn thinks? He's only the hottest rockstar Brooklyn has ever produced, but Evelyn has kinda been living under a rock out there in the midwest.
But looking at his youtube video - phew!!! Hottie McRockstar is just her kind of guy.

Poor Charlie.
He could now be touring the world with his band, but somehow his drummer is missing and the band decided to take a break from being a band. And now Charlie needs to prove himself as a solo act.
Easier said than done.
Especially when the studio guys are saying that his songs suck and when his existent and non-existent sex life is constantly landing him in the news!
Time to tone things down a bit...

The first time their eyes meet at that little club concert, they're both immediately attracted to each other.
But his fame and the paparazzi and social media crazy fans and an idiot reporter and the missing band-mate are standing in the way of an immediate happily ever after....

I'm not telling you that of course...


YESSSS!!! Total fangirl!!

And this Rockstar - phew!!!  
is such an amazing guy... sexy, adorable, talented, sad.....

He's your typical rockstar with all the groupies and rumors about even more groupies and threesomes and alcohol...
But he's also this lonely, sad guy, who's missing his drummer - but the drummer is still kind of in his head, with bad advice. Like the little devil on his shoulder.

And beautiful, wholesome farm-girl Evelyn.
She's just the girl this city boy needs to settle down with.
I loved every second of their story.
We have very sexy & romantic moments....

And lots of frustrating and sad and interesting and funny and very suspensy moments.
This really was an amazing rockstar romance!!! I would've liked a tiny little bit more Rockstar though - a bit more singing on stage or something like that ...

Can't wait to read book #2 about Evelyn's brother....

3 little things I didn't like.... why did Evelyn want to go to NY? She doesn't have a plan for college plans, no dream-job. Going to NY with only waitressing job is kinda stupid in my opinion. I would've loved her even more if there would've been some life-long dream of idea - a painter, violinist, cupcake baker!

Drummer Danny's little lines in Charlie's head were stupid. I would've edited them out of the book, just like I would've edited out the stupid inner goddess in the Fifty Shades books!
We don't need to hear Danny's words to know that he probably was an idiot, that could've been explained in a few other sentences.

Also Evelyn's always talking about how long ago her last sexual encounter was - how many years ago she did this and that with a guy - bla bla -sooo many years ago. That girl is 22 years old!!!! But she's talking about sex as if she had 15 years of experience ... that was a bit too much for me☺
But that's it - the rest was really great!!!
BROOKLYN ROCKSTAR was an amazingly sexy & exciting Rockstar - Romance! About two lonley people looking for that something that's been missing in their lives .... and finding their HEA with each other.  ☺

ARC received for an honest review

You had me a "rockstar" Ms Ann!  I am a sucker for a rock star book, so wave one in front of me and I am always going to read it.

Brooklyn Rockstar was more of a sweet rock star than a bad boy rocker.  Of course there is the groupies and all that goes along with them, but it was more rumour and innuendo than sexy times for Charlie Walker.

Evelyn - hmmm, not sure where I find myself with Evelyn.  I liked her - most the time - but sometimes she was just ugh.  At times she felt like a 13 year old girl, not standing up to her overprotective brothers, whining and worrying about what they will think.  She is 22 years old and moved states away from them.  I wanted to shake some sense into her.
For a rock star, I wanted a bit more of Charlie on stage.  I think in the whole book we only got him as a "rock star" a couple of times.  Not that I didn't love getting to know Charlie for Charlie, but he could have been any kind of half-famous guy rather than a rock star (but this could just be me).

I loved Evelyn's room mate Sharlo.  Gotta love a smart mouthed, ballsy woman who takes no crap from anyone, and is willing to stand up for her friends.

There is a story within the story about the disappearance of Charlie's bandmate Danny which was full of suspense, mystery and intrigue - though I wish his was not the voice that Charlie had in his head (though I guess why he does makes sense as the story continues).  I think I would have liked it better if it was Charlie's inner voice or none at all (again, this might just be me).

We also have a bit of set up for the second book in the series, which I hope won't be too far down the track!

Overall Brooklyn Rockstar was a pretty good story from this new to me author, and I look forward to seeing where The Kendalls series takes us.  
(3.75-4 stars)



When Jennifer Ann isn't writing heart-wrenching romance novels with hot scenes or chasing her children around southern Minnesota, she either has her nose stuck in someone else's book, is curled up watching a movie, can be found taking pictures of other people (not in a creepy way), or is rocking out at a concert.