Tuesday 19 January 2016

✪ Xavier Cold (Hard Knocks #2) ✪ Michelle A Valentine ✪

Book two in the HARD KNOCKS series will follow up PHENOMENAL X.

The conclusion to the New York Times bestselling romance that began in Phenomenal X, about one woman
s pulse-pounding relationship with a notorious bad-boy wrestler.

Whatll it be, Anna Cortez? Are you in, or are you out?
One momentary loss of control has now ruined everything Xavier Cold had going for himself. With his world unraveling fast, he
s willing to do anything to save not only his job but his relationship with the only woman hes ever loved.

Anna Cortez, still reeling from shock, tries desperately to save the man that
s consumed her heart, body and soul. Shell have to dig deep and find courage she never knew she possessed to help Xavier fight demons from his pasta past thats even more haunted than she ever imagined.

ARC received for an honest review

It has been a while since Phenomenal X, so I did have to go back and read the last couple of chapters of it before starting Xavier Cold, just to get my head back in the game.  And I am glad I did go back and read that little bit.

Starting right up where X finished, we are given no reprieve from what has happened.  We head straight into the aftermath of X losing his cool on stage. 

It was hard to see Xavier and Anna go through what they have to.  People from their past, people from their present - all trying their best to break our lovelies up, causing nothing but trouble.

Xavier goes to some deep, dark places during the course of this book.  It was heartbreaking but beautiful to see him confront his past but come through it a better, more focused man than he was before.  It was like watching a boy - a big, brutish looking boy - turn into a man.

Anna has her fair share of crap to deal with, but through it all she is Xavier's strength.  She believes in him when he doesn't believe in himself.  She forces him to face his vulnerabilities, loving him even when it is killing her inside.

I felt there was a lot of growth in Anna's character since book one, and she really came into herself in Xavier Cold.

I really enjoyed the conclusion to the Hard Knocks series, and though I am sad to see it ending, I am looking forward to what Ms Valentine brings us next.