Wednesday 6 January 2016

❤ Snack ❤ Emme Burton ❤

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Title: Snack
Author: Emme Burton
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: January 5, 2016

Marcus "Snack" Snackenberg is a born ladykiller.

When Minnie Cooper moves back to her dad's hometown as a child, with her two brothers and Star Wars action figures in tow, they become immediate friends.

By junior high, Minnie, although unaware, is in love with him.

Snack is completely in touch with his feelings for her.

Sometimes the villain in the story isn't a person.

Sometimes it's time.

And space.

And fear. 

Fear of losing the best friend youve ever had.


An overnight romancetwenty-six years in the making.

 ARC received for an honest review

Do you remember you first love?  Were they your one?  Do you know where they are now?

These were some of the things I thought about as I read Snack.  

Snack had the nerd girl in my hooked right from the start with Star Wars/Harry Potter references.

Then my heart was captured as we heart Minnie and Snack's story, switching between present day and flashbacks to them growing up together.

I adored Minnie from the time we meet the 6 year old girl to the sweet, loving but a little bit foul-mouthed woman today.

At times I both loved and hated the characters as events unfolded. So many conflicting emotions, both for me and our lovelies.  This book could have been called "Bad Timing" for all the almost-but-not-quite times they coulda/shoulda/woulda been together.

There is a sweetness overload with Snack.  From hamsters to chihauhas, adorably cute kids and the love between Snack and Minnie, my heart was just filled with hope for this "couple".

But, is this really THE END???

If you are looking for a sweet, fun and sexy read, then Snack is the book for you.

PS:  I will NEVER look at my electric toothbrush the same ever again!

Snack cover

Snack plops down on the bed next to where Im standing. Reaching out for my boxers, he takes the hem between his thumb and forefinger and tugs it lightly. The back of his finger grazes my upper thigh, leaving tingly warmth in its wake. Nice boxers, he says. Whose are they?

I have no idea. Probably my dads or Clips. I shrug.

Ill bring you some of mine. I only want you wearing mine from now on.

Uh, O-Kay. I stutter in response to his demand and most definitely his touch. I have no problem with that. Must be another one of Snacks weird possessive things.

Snack twists the fabric of my boxers around his fingers and pulls me toward him. Come here and kiss me. I cant believe you havent kissed me yet.

My heart thumps out of control and my brain is frozen. Ive heard actors say things like that in movies, but in real life? I guess it does actually happen.


Emme Burton is the author of the Better Than Series: BETTER THAN ME (Book 1), FIX IT FOR US (Book 2) and STILL INTO YOU (Book 3). She lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her amazing husband and sons, and her "fur boy." Emme has never, ever been lost in a mall either as a child or an adult. Her mother, and now her family, have always known where to find her. At the bookstore.

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