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♫ Rockstar Cowboys ♫ D.L. Roan ♫

Rock Star Cowboys - DL Roan

The McLendon Family Saga Book #3

The McLendon Twins have become country music gods. Reckless and charming, Carson is the life of the party. Connor loves their music, but he’s had it with Carson’s antics and life on the road. He’s ready to call it quits when their beloved Papa falls ill and they are called home to their family ranch on Falcon Ridge.

Occupational Therapist Breezy Youngblood once loved Connor and Carson to the moon and back. She was a mere girl when her world was shattered and she was forced to leave Grassland with only her broken heart. When she’s asked to return to help the McLendon patriarch recover, she’s forced to face the tragedy that destroyed her dreams of ever calling Falcon Ridge her home.

When Connor reunites with Breezy, it’s love at first sight. He believes she’s the one who can bridge the canyon between him and his twin. Carson? He wants her gone. Despite his unexpected attraction to Breezy, he knows what happened that ill-fated night and he’s not about to let her charm her way into his family’s good graces.

Genre: Erotic Western Romance, Rock Star Romance, M
énage Romance, MFM, Contemporary Cowboy, Family Saga

ARC received for an honest review

Those McLendon boys from Second Chances / The Heart of Falcon Ridge (depending on whether you are an old or new reader of DL Roan's work, it is the same book, just different title) are all grown up... and boy, are the all grown up!

9 years ago Carson and Connor's world was shattered, and Carson has never moved on.  But  it wasn't just their world that changed....at that same time, the girl next door, Breezy Youngblood's world was annihilated.

Make sure you have some tissues handy, because if you are like me, you are going to need them (more than once if you an anything like me!)

Skip forward to the present, Breezy is no longer the poor girl living next door, and the McLendon twins are music superstars.  But those old feelings don't go away.

My heart broke - again - for Breezy upon her return to Grasslands.   Her attraction to her boys is still there, still off the charts, but those old feelings and prejudices between their families still run strong.

Oh boy, did I want to nut punch Carson more than once!  Or at least throw a chair at him!  He frustrated me as much as my heart hurt for him.  But when he got is sh&t together... man this girl is still fanning herself!

I love a menage story, and this one pretty much had it all for me.  I mean cowboys who are rock stars who love the same woman?  What is not to love?

I LOVED that we got to see the rest of the family all older and grown up.  I loved seeing Grey/Matt/Mason/Gabby (Con and Car's dads and mum) from The Heart of Falcon Ridge.  I always loved their relationship and was happy to see it all going strong.

I can't wait to see where the McLendon Family Saga goes next.

The story begins nine years ago.
Breezy is 14 years old and lives in a trailer with her older brother and her mostly drunk dad.
She lives for summer Sundays, when she can hang out with the McLendon family at their creek.
She's been half in love with their 17-year old twins Connor and Carson for forever.
But trailer trash like her would never stand a chance against beautiful Charlotte....
Then one day something happens that destroys even the smallest chance she might have had with them...

Now, nine years later, Connor and Carson are huge Country-Music-Stars.
But Carson has still not gotten over what happened back then.
He's hiding his guilt behind girls, drugs and alcohol.
Conner feels like he's losing his brother more and more with each day that passes.
Then the boys get called back home...
Also back home is Breezy....

Will this be a new chance for them all???
Or is there still too much hatred and anger left?

This was a really great story!
I hadn't read anything about this family before - and you don't really have to. But I might go back and do it now! ☺ I just love ménage romances ♥

I was already crying after only a few pages...
But next to the crying parts the book has LOTS of really sexy parts too.
And funny and adorable and frustrating parts.
It was the perfect ménage romance!

I will definitely read everything that comes after this book!

If you love ménage romances and cowboys and rockstars...this is SO the book for you!!!
It almost doesn't get better than this - this book was like a genre lottery win for me ☺☺☺


Rock Star Cowboys Excerpt

Hot holy damn! It’d happened. Connor stood at the foot of the stairs and tried to remember
how to breathe.

He’d never put much stock in the lightning bolt, earthquake hoopla their dads and Papa Joe
fed them over the years about what they felt when they found Mom and Gran. Twenty-four hours earlier, he would have rolled his eyes at one of their stories, but the second he came down thosestairs and saw Breezy curled up in his brother’s arms, he knew. She was theirs. Completely.

There had been no lightning bolt, no thunder, not even a tremor. The pull to join them on
that couch, however, had been like a subtle, vivid instinct seated deep within and impossible to

He pressed his fist into the center of his chest where the feeling was still fresh and fluttering
around like a caged bird begging to be freed. It was the most amazing feeling, comparable only
to bringing life to a new song.

The instant attraction he’d felt to her suddenly made sense. Her taste, her scent, the feel of
her beneath him, had all felt so fresh and familiar. On some elemental level his body knew she
was the missing part of him.

“You were right to cancel New York, bro,” Carson said, dousing his new revelation with a
barrel of cold reality. “No way I could sing like this anyway.”

Connor studied his twin. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going back to bed.” Carson groaned as he flopped back onto the couch and pulled a
quilt over his legs.

“No. I mean, what are you doing with Breezy?”

Carson rolled his eyes and turned his back to him. “I was sleeping.”

“Car, I’m serious.” He walked over and snatched the quilt from his twin. “What kind of
game are you playing with her?”

“I’m not playing any games.” Carson reached out and snatched the quilt back. “You were
right, okay? Is that what you want to hear?”

“Right about what?”

“Me fucking everything up, Breezy, all of it.” Carson sighed, settling back into the couch,
his face pinched in pain.

Connor tried to read between the lines, unsure of what he meant. “I don’t understand,” he said, plopping down on the end of the coffee table.

“I’ve been a dick,” Carson said, sliding farther under the quilt. “What more is there to

That was an understatement. “Let’s start with why you’ve been a dick.”

Carson huffed, wiping his palm across his sweaty forehead. “Does it matter?”

“Hell yeah, it matters.”

“I don’t want to fight anymore, okay? I want things to go back to the way they were between
us, and for Papa Joe to get better. That’s it.”

“And what about Breezy? Are you saying you all of a sudden don’t believe the shit you’ve spouted about her for how many years now?”

“No. Maybe.” Carson stared at the ceiling, his lips pressing into a grim line. “Papa Joe told
me some things last night that don’t add up.” Between coughing spells, Carson relayed the things their grandfather had told him, including his possibly cataclysmic misconception about Ford’svisits with Charlotte.

“Damn, Car. You don’t think he beat her, do you?” He searched through his memories, but
couldn’t remember seeing any bruises. That didn’t mean there hadn’t been any.

“I don’t know,” Carson grumbled. “But if it’s true, I don’t know why she hasn’t told me to
go to hell already.”

Connor shook his head. “I talked to her yesterday. She’s just as eaten up about everything as you are.”

A contrite look swirled in Carson’s eyes before he looked away, his fingers plucking at the stitches in the quilt as he spoke. “Did she, uh, say anything else? About yesterday?”

“Shit, Car. What did you do?”

“I didn’t—”

“Did you kiss her?”

“No!” Carson snapped, searing him with a calculating glare. “Did you fuck her?”

“No.” Though, he may have if not for their Uncle Cade shooting down that drone. He’d never felt a spark, an electrical overload, like the one that arced between them. “She’s different. It’s not like that.”

 “Are you saying you want her all to yourself, then? That you don’t want to share?”

No sooner had Carson’s question reached Connor’s ears, than that very image appeared in his mind. Christ, she’d been so hot beneath him. He could only imagine what it would be likewith her between them, naked and writhing and responding to them with that same passion. His
cock responded to the fantasy and Carson took notice.

“I didn’t think so.” Carson chuckled and rolled onto his side, turning his back to Connor again.

Dammit. What was he going to say? He sure as hell wasn’t going to say no, but should he tell his brother how serious he was about her? If what he’d felt earlier was real, Carson would
have to feel it too, wouldn’t he? But if they couldn’t even share a bedroom, how the hell were
they going to share a wife?

He didn’t have a clue what was going on inside his twin’s head. Whatever he was thinking,
Connor wasn’t dumb enough to believe it was thoughts of forever. Not yet. But, if he had any
chance of making that dream a reality, they had to start somewhere, right?

“I like her, Car. I like her a lot, and I want you to like her, too, but not if you’re screwing around. Not with Breezy. She’s not like the women on the road you can fuck and forget.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” Carson grumbled into the back of the couch. “Look, I’m game for whatever you want, Con. Just let me know when and where.”

“I don’t want her to get hurt again,” Connor clarified.

“I’m not screwing around,” Carson assured him, his irritation evident in his tone even as he struggled through another round of rattling coughs. “Damn, this cold is kicking my ass.”

What was Carson thinking? What had changed? “Do you think you can truly let go of the past and see where this goes?” he asked one final time. “Look at me and tell me that’s what you want.”

Carson rolled over, letting out a long sigh before he met Connor’s questioning gaze. “I
thought that’s what I was doing.”

Connor studied him for a moment, seeing a mixture of resigned indifference and hesitant sincerity in his brother’s eyes. It was enough, for now. He gave his brother a nod of agreement
and stood. “Okay,” he said and held his brother’s gaze. “But, if you do hurt her, I’ll be the one
kicking your ass.”


Genre: Erotic Western Romance, Menage
Romance, MFM, Contemporary Cowboy, Family Saga

The McLendon Family Saga reading order:

The Heart of Falcon Ridge
A McLendon Christmas
Rock Star Cowboys 
Rock Star Cowboys: The Honeymoon

 D.L. Roan loves combining fantasy with the real world, giving her readers more than just a book or romance, but a true adventure in love. Her characters are always real to her and she genuinely enjoys bringing them to life for her readers.

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