Tuesday 30 June 2015

♪ Insider (Exodus End #1) ♪ Olivia Cunning ♪


She thought she was ready to rock...
Toni Nichols put her aspirations on hold while she raised her little sister, but now she's reaching for the stars and living her dreams as the creator of a revolutionary interactive biography about the rock band Exodus End. Creating the book requires her to go on tour and immerse herself in the band's world as an insider, but can she gain the trust of four veteran superstars who've been burned by the media before? Or will her dreams crumble at her feet?

He's always ready to roll
Logan Schmidt was born an adrenaline junkie. He lives for the rush he gets from playing his bass guitar before thousands of fans. When he's not performing on stage or in the bedroom, he's looking for his next endorphin high in extreme sports. So what is it about the sweet and innocent journalist on their world tour that gets his heart pumping and captures his full attention? Is she the real deal or is she posing at being his perfect woman to get inside secrets on Exodus End?

They're both ready to experiment
Though Toni was innocent the first time she climbed the bus steps, that didn't last long once Logan set his sights on her. He's so much more worldly than she is and she's ready to learn how to please a lover and explore all the ways she can be pleased. Logan can't believe his luck. Toni's a phenomenal woman and she wants him to teach her how to rock and roll in the sack? Not exactly a burdensome task. Until she starts to get too close to his heart and takes her insider look to a place he never anticipated.

ARC received for an honest review.

A new series from Olivia Cunning?  Engage fan girl mode!
We know a little itty bit about Exodus End through the Sinners on Tour series, but this is the first book that is all about the Exodus End boys.

And already I am impatiently waiting for the next one.

Sweet, virginal Toni Nichols just landed a dream job  - 4 weeks on the road with one of the world's biggest bands - Exodus End - bitch!   I mean really - who wouldn't want that job?!?!?

Right from the start, she catches the eye of Logan Schmidt, bass player and total horn bag!

The attraction between the pair is off the charts.  

But Toni is all "Never gonna happen, right?" 

Well, let us just say that together they are like a packet of Pringles - you know, "Once you pop, you can't stop!"

I loved how Logan draws the tigress out of Toni, and how Toni draws the man away from his whorish ways.  But can there ever be enough trust between them, more than just sex between them?

Nope, for that you are going to have to read for yourself.

I adored the interaction between the band.  OMG the fan and games of the tour bus!  Had me in tears at times, they are so funny.  But there is more to them than that.  Family is more than blood.  The bonds these guys have formed over the years are so strong.

And they are tested on more than one occasion.

I thought Toni was pretty amazing.  Thrown in with the band, trying to make her own way career-wise.  Her love for her family - though there were times there were some family members that I wanted to throat punch.

And Logan - you are a dirty, dirty boy - and, to steal his own words,  completely sexsationa

Sigh... Oh Miss Olivia, no one can write a rocker like you.

I love love LOVED that we got a little glimpse of my man Trey Mills.
I have missed the Sinners, and am so happy that they are weaved into the Exodus End stories. 

There are so many amazing stories that we are yet to learn about Exodus End, and I cannot wait to find out all about them

Bring on Outsider!!