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The Hurley Boys #2
• release date: 25 November 2014
• 384 pages

The Hurley Boys is a contemporary romance series featuring Paddy, Ezra and Vaughan and Damien Hurley (who found his HEA in LUSH). Set in their home town, Hood River, Oregon, these three brothers and founding members of mega alt rock and roll band, Sweet Hollow Ranch will find their HEA. First up is lead singer Paddy in The Best Kind of Trouble out in August 2014, followed by Ezra in December 2014 and last but not least is baby brother Vaughan in March 2015.


4.9 Stars

Beyond passion. And beyond their control

Five years ago, Tuesday Eastwood's life collapsed and left her devastated. After an empty, nomadic existence, she's finally pieced her life back together in the small Oregon town of Hood River. Now Tuesday has everything sorted out. Just so long as men are kept for sex, and only sex

Then she met him.

Musician and rancher Ezra Hurley isn't the man of Tuesday's dreams. He's a verboten fantasy
a man tortured by past addictions, whose dark charisma and long, lean body promise delicious carnality. But this craving goes far beyond chemistry. It's primal. It's insatiable. And it won't be satisfied until they're both consumed, body and soul

"I'm ferocious. I'm dark and broody and broken."
-Sweet Hollow Ranch


We all remember Tuesday & Ezra from the first book in the Hurley Boys series - where Ezra's brother Paddy found Natalie again, who he had a thing with ages ago...
And now it's time for Nat's best friend and roommate Tuesday to fall in love with Ezra.
Ezra, who used to be THE rock god the world loved.....

...until he couldn't withstand the temptations of the Rock'n'Roll lifestyle and became a heroin addict.
And before he lost not only his family but also his life, he went into rehab and is now pretty much out of the public eye. He still writes songs and helps his brothers with recording etc., but he's working at the Family Ranch now.

It had been a fight that he wasn't sure he's win at times, but there he stood, with all that devastation in his past, with great hope for his future.

But addiction is addiction and you never completely recover from that.
And now, Tuesday is in his life. She's the purest temptation - she could turn into another addiction. And Ezra is not sure if he would survive all this a second time...

And Tuesday. She's been widowed for over four years now. She's only ever had uncomplicated one-night-stands up until now.
But somehow this incredibly sexy Rocker-turned-Rancher is too much for her to resist.
Ditto girl!

. . . you look like what sex would look like if it was a person instead of a word.

But both their pasts are not easy to forget or overcome and they're both very scared ... they don't want to get hurt again - or hurt other people again.


I'm not telling you that of course ☺


Whenever I read the word ROCKSTAR in a blurb, I know this book has to be read asap!

I just love rockstar romances - and Navy SEAL and CEO romances - pfff I love them all - but I REALLY love ROCKSTARS!!!

And Ezra - grrrr - he's such a man's man Rockstar-Rancher☺

Ezra Hurley was a Capital M Man. In that riding horeses, baling hay, hands in the dirt, well-worn jeans way.

I'm not a fan of #TheBeard but on Ezra it totally works with his brooding rancher thing.

The story was soo full of sexual tension and sexy and romantic scenes!!

It was such a sweet & sexy & moving & sad romance - everything about it was perfect. The whole Hurley family for one. I would sooo love to be part of this crazy family! They're all so funny and cute and nice - plus, most of them are ROCKSTARS!!!!☺☺☺

It was amazing to read how both Ezra and Tuesday have been through terrible times in their lives and how they now try to finally find their HEA. But of course it wouldn't be a Romance Novel if there wouldn't be some obstacles in their way - mostly their own insecurities and fears....

But they both really try to get past all their sh** and dare to fall in love....
And they're having lots of sexy sex in the meantime...☺

". . . we'll  have to see if your need to control and my need to lick you all over are compatible."

 And now I will just quote from my review for the first book in this series - because it kind of applies here too:
When I started reading I was kinda expecting something different - something more exciting, or more ...hm no idea - more suspensy or rock-star-ish maybe.
But the book just flows along like one of those 90's rock ballads - maybe NOVEMBER RAIN by Guns'n'Roses...no idea what I mean exactly though☺ Maybe when I read the words ROCK STAR in the blurb - I kind of expected the book to be like SEX ON FIRE by Kings of Leon, but like I said, it's more of a long and slow ballad....BUT - that doesn't mean that I didn't love it - I totally did.

BROKEN OPEN  was a beautifully sad & adorably sexy Rockstar-Romance - about two broken souls who finally find the one person in the world who could be their Happy End.
You'll love Tuesday & Ezra!!!!!

I would totally sit in front of a TV every week if someone would make a tv-series out of this amazing Hurley Family!!!! Fangirling at rockstars every week??? HELL YEAH! ☺
Why are there no TV-Show about rock-stars on TV at all??? Where are Josh Schwartz & Joss Whedon when you need them?

And now - please hurry dear calendar - I want to read the next book asap!!!!
It will be about Hurley brother Vaughan and his ex-wife and baby-momma Kelly ☺
(we already find out a lot about them in this and even the last book)

ARC received from Harlequin via Netgalley for an honest review

This is the second book in the Hurley Boys series, and while it could be read as a stand alone, why would you want to miss out on anything these boys have to offer.

This is Ezra Hurleys story, and it is not exactly an easy story.  Both he and his woman Tuesday have had hard pasts and they are struggling to get past things to move forward.

These are not your usual rock star books.  In fact, most of the time you wouldnt know they were rockers at all.  These books are about the people behind the rock star personas.

There is so much sexual tension between Ezra and Tuesday.  Everytime they are in a room together you can feel the tension roll of them.  And you just know that when they get their sh*t together, sparks are going to fly.

And they do.  Hooey their sexy times are sex-y!

For me though, the middle part of this book seemed to drag.  Ezra and Tuesday seemed to go around in circles with their relationship.  They would  meet up, have the sexy-sex, avoid.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  There was no reason why their relationship couldn't move forward other than themselves.  There was no big blow up, no big misunderstanding.  They just didn't.  Didn't admit their feelings, didn't move forward.  I felt that this part of their story could have moved along quicker - but this is just my thoughts.

I love that we get right into the whole Hurley family dynamic.  His mum and dad are great, his brothers and their partners are awesome.

I am really looking forward to getting more of Damien and Mary's story, and especially intrigued about Vaughan and Kelly's story.  It is going to be interesting to get down to the nuts and bolts with that one!

Can't wait to see where this series goes next.





Lauren Dane has been writing stories since she was able to use a pencil, and before that she used to tell them to people. Of course, she still talks nonstop, and through wonderful fate and good fortune, she’s now able to share what she writes with others. It’s a wonderful life!

The basics: Lauren is a mom, a partner, a best friend and a daughter. Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest, she spends her late evenings writing like a fiend when she finally wrestles all of her kids to bed.