Friday 15 August 2014

✪ Love and Blarney (Ballybeg #2) ✪ Zara Keane ✪


Married in Manhattan

Ruairí MacCarthy abandoned his life in New York to deal with a family crisis in Ireland. Twelve months later, hes traded his three-piece suits and Wall Street career for jeans and a job managing his familys pub in Ballybeg. When his estranged wife bursts back into his life looking for reconciliation, Ruairí must decide if home is where the heart is.

True Love in Ballybeg.
Jayme King wants Ruairí back. Shes prepared to battle sheep, floods, and crazy Irish in-laws to get him. Discovering he lied about his past was a shock, but Jaymes had months come to terms with the betrayal. Letting Ruairí go was the biggest mistake of her life. Can she persuade him to return to America and give their marriage a second chance?

 Copy received from the author for an honest review

Love and Blarney is a novella in the Ballybeg series, and you dont not have to have read Love And Shenanigans first, but why would you want to miss out on the sweet fun read that it is.

Jayme and Ruairi's (Rory) marriage is in tatters, divorce about to become final and they are on opposite sides of the Atlantic.  Misunderstandings, miscommunications and stubbornness have gotten them where they are today.

I loved that Jayme was the one to "man" up and travel across the globe to confront Ruairi about their situation. How strong she must have been to do that, with the fear of his rejection - again - at the forefront of her mind.  I am pretty darn sure that I could not have done that.

I was a bit surprised with Ruairi's reaction at first, but as we got deeper into the story it was understandable - kind of?  Some of the reasoning behind the leaving and the secrets and lies were a bit flimsy, but when your heart is breaking we don't always do the sensible thing.

I LOVED Ruairi's family - well, not his dad, but his mum and sisters, especially Sharon and Marcella. Love how they are all in each other's business, especially his and Jayme's, playing matchmaker. 

So, will Ruairi and Jayme put the mistakes of their past behind them and have that fantastic relationship they used to have, or is it all too late for a HEA?
Uh Uh, for that you are going to have to read for yourself.

If I do this, its because Im insane or insanely in love, he muttered underneath his breath.

Jaymes heart skipped a beat. Im kind of hoping its the latter.

His warm brown eyes met hers. You know how I feel about you.

Do I?

 Ms Keane writes so descriptively that you can feel yourself being drawn into the landscape of the story.  You can feel the cold rain, see the green fields of the countryside, imagine yourself up in the Blarney Castle, leaning back to kiss the Blarney Stone (and I whole heartedly agree with Ruairi, that thing has gotta be a hotbed of disease - cold sores anybody eeeww!!)

I was completely enthralled with Love and Blarney, read it in one sitting and didn't want it to ever end.

So Ms Keane, when can I have the next installment of the Ballybeg series?

Zara Keane grew up in Dublin, Ireland, but spent her summers in a small town very similar to the fictitious Ballybeg.

She currently lives in
Switzerland with her family. When shes not writing or wrestling small people, she drinks far too much coffee, and trieswith occasional successto resist the siren call of Swiss chocolate.

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