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 Fate has kept them apart for twenty years.

Their roads hadn't crossed and the stars didn't align until now... 

Matured, more experienced, pierced, tattooed and hot as hell, Adrian steps back into Mia's life to reclaim his first love. 

And the moment she sees him she can't even remember her own name.

Adrian Reed had always remained in Mia's heart. After all, he was her first boyfriend and the man she'd lost her virginity to, but that was twenty years ago. His sudden appearance at a bar, on a girls night out, has Mia acting like the fifteen year old girl she was when they parted. 

But life now is not as simple as it was twenty years ago. With two kids, a hopeful ex-husband and new insecurities, Mia finds opening up to a new relationship more challenging.

Will she give her first love another chance, or will she push him away, this time for good?

ARC received for an honest review

My First, My Last is a sweet story about reunited love, second chance love.

20 years ago Mia and Adrian had a beautiful love. Young love.  First Love.  But that love didn't go the distance, and they lost contact.

Mia is now a divorced mum of 2, struggling to deal with her husband's infidelity and raising two young ones.  But in her heart, there has only ever really been one man, Adrian.

When Adrian comes back into her life, her head and her heart are thrown into turmoil.  I really liked Adrian.  Through all the years, all the distance, all their separation, Mia has always been the "one that got away" and he has come back to remedy this situation.

I loved how Mia and Adrian fell straight back into that easy relationship together, even though so much water has passed under the bridge.  They are obviously soul mates, and their hearts know that they should be together.

But boy, did Adrian have the patience of a saint!  I know that Mia was struggling with what has happened in the past couple of years, but geees Louise!!  I am not sure how he didn't give up and just walk away! 

It frustrated me that Mia always seemed to put her cheating douche of an ex-husband Dan before anyone else.  Gah!! He lost that privilege when he couldn't keep it in his pants in my opinion. A big chunk of the story revolved around Mia's indecisiveness and confused emotions, and I just wanted to slap her to tell her to wake up to herself!

But when they get to some sexy times - phew off the charts hot!  Everything but the two of them is forgotten and all is right in the world.

So does Mia get her act together?  Do Mia and Adrian ride off into the sunset and get their HEA?
Uh uh, for that you are going to have to read this for yourself.

There were some great secondary characters in this book.  Loved Mia's kids, they are so young but so wise, and whereas they could have been whiney kids after watching their parents separate, they seemed quite balanced and sensible.

Then there is the ones I couldn't stand.  Don't get me started on Dan and the way he acts all concerned about his family and his "wife" after the way he treated them.   And then there is Amanda.  

If you are after a sweet modern romance, then give My First, My Last a go.

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Author of Erotic Romance, Lacey Silks writes her stories from life experiences, dreams and fantasies. She likes a pinkish shade on a womans cheeks, men with large feet and sexy lingerie, especially when its torn off the body. Her favorite piece of clothing is a birthday suit.

When shes not thinking about writing steamy stories, which is a rare occasion, Lacey enjoys camping and skiing with her family (not at the same time of course). Shes a happily married wife blessed with two kids who adore going to the library. Shes an early bird by nature, but loves the nightly adventures with her hubby which provide good content for her books.

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