Saturday 23 August 2014

✪ Exploration ✪ Peyton Sloane (Potential Trilogy #1) ✪


Being with the same man since she was 18, 26 year old widow Jazz Mickelson is hoping to catch up on all the life experiences that could have been hers had she not leapt into a committed relationship so young.

Julian St. Sauveur is looking for three things: romance, comfort and trust. He mistakenly thought he had them once many years ago. He sees potential for him and Jazz but knows it is too soon for her. 

Will she accept his unusual proposition, one that allows him to hold on to her while she catches up on life?...and will she choose him after experiencing all the wonders that await her?

Find out as Jazz and Julian explore their potential...

 Copy received from the author for an honest review

Believe me when I says that this is definitely for mature audiences only!

Jazz Mickelson is on a journey of self discovery.  Widowed at 26, she is getting out there and  finally living her life.  She loved her husband, but she realises she has missed out on so much in her short life.

Julian St. Savuer is the sexy, worldly man, and though he has everything someone feels they need, he wants love.  Commitment.
When they meet on a flight to Paris, things heat up pretty damn quickly.  From meeting to pretty much joining the mile high club in one short flight.  It may just be me, but their behaviour on the plane felt a little bit creepy - feeling each other up while the other is sleeping, things like that.

I loved that Jazz was not the cookie-cutter heroine.  She was part boho chic, part bad ass biker chick!  Dreadlocks instead of perfectly coiffed hair.  This made her all kinds of awesome in my mind.  And Julian is not the regular "Billionaire around town" and loved that he had to fight for more with Jazz, rather than the girl chasing after the man.
Ms Sloane has a way with imagery that just makes you feel like you are right there in Paris with our duo, seeing the sights, smelling the smells.

So while I did enjoy the story, there were a few things in the execution that let things down.

Punctuation:  We would know we were starting a conversation because we had "quote marks" to open but not to close.  I had to go back at times and reread thinking "huh?  What are they talking about?" only to find that they are no longer in a conversation.  I am a bit of a punctuation perfectionist at times, so this bothered me.

Text talk:  There is nothing wrong with text talk when the characters are messaging each other, but I had issues with it being used to convey emotions,  etc.  Eg instead of saying "he smirked", all we got at the end of a sentence was *smirk*, like she was adding an emoticon.  And this happened a lot!

Grammatical errors:  There were quite a few of these, especially at the beginning but this got better as the story continued.

POV:  sometimes this flip flopped between the two so quickly that I was not sure who I was reading.

There is nothing here that a couple of rounds of edits couldn't fix, but it would make it more enjoyable to read.

I loved how compatible Jazz and Julian were in the bedroom.  I mean seriously hot stuff.  I just wish that there had been more of an emotional connection between them - though I can understand why there isn't to begin with, being a holiday fling and all, and his is the first part in a trilogy, so this may come as their story continues.

This is Ms Sloane's debut novel, and yes I really could see the "potential" in it.  I am interested to see where Jazz and Julian's relationship goes, and I will read the next book in the series.  

I have been an extreme bibliophile since I was a kid, precociously finishing my first read of "Gone with the Wind" at age 12. I've had lots of stories whirling around in my head over the years and am grateful for the opportunities afforded by the relatively new world of self-publishing.

Personally, I am a wife, career woman and mom to 2 amazing little divas, hence their photo on my page, rather than mine, they are WAY cuter...

I ride a Harley, have ink, a smart mouth and a dirty mind - this latter always with apologies to my mom who wishes she could wash it out with soap!

This journey of writing I am on is by far the most landmark moment in my life. I will always hope that my characters and their stories will bring as much enjoyment to my readers as I get from writing them!