Tuesday 26 August 2014

✪ Irresisible Force (K-9 Rescue #1) ✪ D.D Ayres


St. Martin's Press
Published Aug 26 2014


When adrenaline runs high, so does the force of desire

For Shay Appleton, its love at first sight when a gorgeous stray dog is brought into the animal shelter where she works. She just knows hell make a terrific watch dogand with an abusive ex who wont let go, she needs all the protection she can get. But Shay never suspected that her new pet is actually a trained police K-9 named Bogartuntil Bogarts even more gorgeous, human partner shows up on her doorstep.

Officer James Cannon is one tall, strong alpha male whos convinced that Shay stole his dog. But once he gets closer to the suspect, he realizes that this stubborn, independent woman not only needs a guard dog, she needs James as well. It seems that someone from her past is stalking her, and threatening her life. When danger meets desire, will James risk his career and his best friendto protect the woman whos stolen his heart?

ARC received from St Martin's Press via Netgalley for an honest review

Irresistible Force is the first full length novel in the K-9 rescue series, there was a novella, Necessary Force, but I have not read this one and do not feel it is necessary to get the full effect of this novel.

From the minute I started reading Irresistible Force I was hooked.  There was action and suspense right from the word go.  The beginning did tend to drag out just a little bit - about a quarter of the way into the book and we were still getting through the first day!  But I guess there was just so much going on!
 James Cannon is the police officer searching for his stolen partner, Bogart.  

Shay Appleton is the woman who saved Bogart from being euthanised, unwittingly taking possession of police property.

I have to say I loved James.  He was hot and sexy and alpha.  His concern for his partner is beautiful.  His willingness to go against what his bosses want him to do to find him is beautiful and admirable.

Shay - hmmm  she is a bit of a confusing one.  She goes from this fierce woman defending herself and standing up to armed men breaking into her house, to simpering in fear over the leaves moving in the tree. 

As we get to know her story we can understand some of issues, but gees she gives you whiplash with her mood swings!

And seriously, how many different people can a woman have after her?  It is as if she pissed off every crime boss, drug dealer and psycho in the state of North Carolina!  It started to get to the stage where I wanted to roll my eyes and go "oh, you're after her too?  The cue starts here."

Bogart really did prove that he was man (and woman's) best friend.  His training does give him heightened senses like all K-9 unit dogs, but he just seemed to go above and beyond when it came to both James and Shay, he was so divided where his loyalties were.

The attraction between James and Shay is off the charts hot.  Even when they hate each other, they want each other.  You just know that if and when they get together it is going to be explosive.

Irresistible Force is a well written and edited novel, sexy and suspenseful.  Once we got past the first day, the pacing was great.  I was drawn into the story right from the start and read the whole story in one setting.  It was just a shame that Shay became a bit ridiculous  :(