Sunday 26 January 2014

Review ~~ King Cave (Forever Evermore #2) by Scarlett Dawn


The long-awaited sequel to the bestselling, award-winning King Hall: the revolution is here, but the most dangerous attack may come from within...

The safe, comfortable world of Lily Ruckler and her fellow Mystical Kings and
Queens is rocked to the core by the attacks at King Hall. Not only does Lily have to kill the Commoners attacking her people, she also has to assume the mantle of leadership, and bring the surviving Mysticals to King Cave.

It should have been too much, but she is not alone. Ezra becomes her rock, her best friend, the one person who understands. As
Pearl and Jack struggle with inconsolable loss, Ezra and Lily work to keep the Mys community safe in their new home, and plan a deadly retaliation.

Their friendship saves them both...but it also draws attention. Whispers. Judgment. It's not normal for Shifters and Vampires to be friends, and when a horrifying truth is revealed, their relationship morphs from unusual to unspeakable. Lily is good at keeping secrets that could get her killed. Is she willing to risk Ezra's life as well?

ly focuses on Lily and Ezra
 ARC received for an honest review

King Cave is the second book in the Forever Evermore series, and follows on directly on from King Cave, so you will need to read it before this one.

At the end of King Hall, the Coms (Commoners) have made their attack on King Hall, killing many of the Mys (mysticals).  Now the mystical factions have to come together to defend themselves and get ready for war against the Coms.

Whereas King Hall was more about the coming war, King Cave is more about the friendships and relationships between the 4 soon to be kings and queens, Lily, Ezra, Pearl and Jack.  But it main
 They have become each other's rock during times of loss.  Their friendship has grown stronger every day, which has raised some eyebrows amongst the kings and elders, and their subjects.

When their relationship becomes more, they need to hide it from everyone, as relationships between different factions are strictly taboo, and a big reason for the war with the Coms.
I just love Lily and Ezra, Jack and Pearl.  They are the closest of close friends, each others harshest critics and fiercest defenders.  I laughed with them, I cried.  I wanted to scream at them in frustration.

While King Hall is strictly PG, King Cave is definitey a lot hotter.  Lots of sexy times!!!

Love Love Love Lily and Jack together.  Their relationship is not an easy one to look in on, but they are perfect for each other. Their relationship is flawed, but perfect in it's own way.  There are some hard times they go through that just makes them stronger.

As in King Hall, i love the interactions with the Kings/Elders.  They are funny, they are aggravating, at times I really didn't like them.

That being said, I would love to learn more about them during the past wars and before/when they first became prodigies and kings.  I think some of their stories and antics would be fantastic!

At times I felt that Jack and Pearl were a bit forgotten in this book, but then I guess with what they were going through at the time it make sense as they would be withdrawn.

There was a twist at the end that had me talking to my kindle, asking what the hell did that happen for and I wasn't particularly happy!

But as they say, good things come to those who wait.  And as the Mys/Com war begins in earnest, we have to wait for book 3 King Tomb to find out how things play out.

Hope I don't have too long to wait!

Scarlett Dawn is drawn to all things quirky and off-beat. She believes there are no boundaries for an imaginative soul. Her love of the written word started from at an early age, when her grandmother would take her to bookstores every weekend. Dreams came alive within the books she found there, and now, she is thrilled to share her stories with others who have fallen under the spell of taking fantastical journeys. Scarlett resides in the Midwest with her husband, three children, and two dogs.