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✪ Dirty Little Freaks ✪ Jaden Wilkes ✪

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• 174 pages
• release date - 08 January - 2014

4,44 of 5 stars

Meet Jade Daniels, she hates her name, hates her life and hates people in general. She loves sex, loves her roommate, and loves her secret obsession, learning. Now she loves a guy with a stunning green mohawk, lickable abs and a mind as filthy as hers.

But Jade learned long ago that nothing but misery lasts forever, and happiness is fleeting at best.

A punk rock story about lust, love, and all the naughty bits in between.

***Rated 18+

Please understand that this book is full of swearing and sex and drugs. I don’t control what my characters do or think, so don’t shoot me off a bunch of angry emails because you got fired for reading it at work, or God is going to smite you for laughing, or you caught your husband jerking it to the sex scenes.

This is also a work of fiction. Seriously, dude. If you feel compelled to have casual, unprotected sex or shove coke up your ass because you read about it somewhere, frealz, you need help. Unprotected sex often leads to gross diseases and even worse, babies. And yeah, drugs are bad…mmkay? So, I guess that about covers it

-Jaden Wilkes



About the story:

Jade is a girl in a her early twenties. She's working in a sex-store ☺
She likes Tattoos - colourful hair - the occasional recreational drug - clubbing - drinking - and sex! She could use more of the SEX these days though. But she's been too busy with work and stuff ....

  God, it's always so awkward dozing off during a one night stand...

That's where Hush comes into the picture. He's the bass player in a punk band

and Jade's room-mate Eva is dating (ahem, having sexual relations with) the singer in said band.


And when the girls show up at one of their shows it's kind of love/lust at first sight for Jade.
Unfortunately she just had a little happy pill and LOTS of alcohol - so she thinks that Hush can't be ALL THAT amazing. But he kinda is.

...this guy is perfect, he is eveything I ever dreamed about all wrapped up in one cool-assed aloof and mysterious package...

...this deep, smooth voice says in my ear. It's like listening to sex, if sex could talk....

 They start 'seeing' each other - seeing - fucking, same thing ☺ And even though Jade doesn't think that she wants more, because she's just not the type for more - she secretly wants more. She wants to be this lovesick girly girl - the girl happily in love with her hot boyfriend.
But she's never done that before - she only ever had one-night-stands. And her parents were not the best role models in the relation-ship department. Her mum is a mean drunk and her father - who knows where he is anyway.

But Jade & Hush make it work for a few weeks.

...we are maybe meant to be together, at least for a little while...

They have LOTS of sex - very hot & dirrrrty sex!
Sex EVERYWHERE!!! Taxi, at work, concert stage etc.

And they also use lots of coke and ecstasy and weed.....

 Everything could be perfect....
But at the same time she senses that Hush is hiding something from her, only she doesn't want to dig too deep - she's too happy. She has never felt like this before.

Then there's Rev - and we might invite him over for a threesome. ☺

And after that night nothing is the same anymore. And it's not because Jade suddenly fell in love with Rev. No, she's still head over heels for Hush.... but......

and I'm also not telling you if there will be a CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! 
Or who will die or not die at the end ;)))

you REALLY want to read this book NOW, right??? ☺


BUT ☺ I could only give 4.5 Stars...
It was all that drug-taking in here - I'm just not comfortable with that. I would never do that - no matter how young and bad-ass rocker-ish I were - I would never take/try drugs. So that's a bit too far out of my imagination - BUT Jaden really describes it very 'healithy' - I would say. Yes, they snort coke and use this and that - but they're not addicted. They don't need it. It's just a little bit for fun.
And another thing, nobody in this book has ever heard the word CONDOM either!!! Jeeez people!
This whole drug and condom-free thing made me think that the book might have been 'lived' sometime in the nineties or eighties and the Author just now found the courage to write it down ☺ 
BUT - all that should not keep you from reading this book - 
because it was really a great EROTIC read!!!

We have this very strong, tough, sarcastic, funny punk-chick: Jade - her real name btw. is Jack Daniels - JD = Jade ☺


[release day clue: Tattoos on both.]

And she falls for this really hot musician.

For my hero-worshipping-tastes there was not enough of Hush in this book. He gets a bit lost, because the book is written in Jade's POV. We don't really get to know him at all. Towards the end it gets a bit better - but it wasn't enough for me. I couldn't really fall in love with him - which I need to happen in my Romance books ☺ BUT - I really LIKE Jade - and that's not something that happens to me all that much ☺ I was really proud of her - well at least most of the time ;))

I wouldn't mind to read more about Jade & Hush - there is so much more to write about them.....
I hope they stop with the drugs ☺

But - all in all I really enjoyed reading Dirty Little Freaks - it was something refreshingly different, compared to my usual NA romances and Rom. Suspense and erotica ☺

If you like your New Adult romances REALLY EROTIC, DIRRRTY and refreshingly different ----->>>


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About Jaden
(stolen from

Jaden Wilkes is the pen name for a girl living on the prettiest farm in BC. After a lifetime of love, lust and adventure, she is happily settled down with her second chance, the love of her life.

New to the world of fiction, but not writing, Jaden has won prizes for poetry, published research articles and essays, and maybe even a thesis or two.
A life of travel, adventure and keen observations of human nature allow for the creation of rich worlds and...

Fuck it, I need to keep it real. I have done a bunch of stuff, met a lot of people and lead an interesting life. That's it! I am passionate about my art, my work, my family and my friends, not necessarily in that order. I love writing fiction, I've spent years hearing things like "you should write a book" or "ZOMG you're so funny, write that shit down". And now I am. I hope you enjoy my words as much as I enjoy laying them down.

I've been an archaeologist (ethnographic research as well as human skeletal remains specialist), a GIS geek, a teacher, a city planning nerd and a photographer. New to that list, author. I am damn proud of this designation and hope that it will keep spurring me on to greater and better things. Every work I produce will be better than the last, so if you liked this first one, you will love the rest!

Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey. Along the way I hope I am able to offer you some laughs, some succor for the soul and some tingles in your soft places. ;)