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Release Me by AC Marchman - Review and Giveaway


Prequel to Overwhelm Me & Stay With Me.
 Donovan Callahan started a relationship with the married Claire Dubois as a teenager. He was attracted to her beauty and raw sexuality, letting his hormones take control of him. He couldn't resist the woman all the guys at school could only dream about.

As time went by, she sank her claws in deep, keeping his heart in a vice grip and toying with his emotions. He longed to be free, but was terrified of what this crazy woman was capable of. She had a way of keeping him in line, either by physical or mental force. She is manipulative, conniving, and just plain evil. She pulled him back in as he tried to push away. Donovan felt trapped in a web of lies and deceit. If Donovan was in a web, just call Claire the proverbial black widow.

Find out why Donovan is the way he is and how Claire screwed him up in more ways than one. Donovan has to take back control of his life. He wants Claire to release him, for good.


I sat down at the table to drink some coffee and read the paper. I’m turning into my father.
That’s when I saw the headline.
TV Producer, Frank Dubois, age 55, found dead in his Atlanta home
Oh my God! My brain was trying to catch up with what the headline said. I kept reading.

Early this morning, the famous TV producer, Frank Dubois, died at his Atlanta estate. His distraught wife, Claire Dubois, the star of reality show Atlanta Society, called 911 when she found her husband unresponsive in their bed.
“Frank wasn’t feeling the best, so we called it an early night. He was complaining of severe stomach cramps and back pain. So Frank and I went to bed together. I woke early to use the restroom. When I came back to bed, I cuddled next to my husband and realized he wasn’t breathing. I called 911 immediately and told them to hurry. But it was too late. My Frank is gone and is never coming back to me.”
Mr. Dubois was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Along with his wife, he leaves behind a son, Frank Dubois, Jr. and a sister-in-law, Regina Rankins. The television company Frank worked for released a statement to the family, expressing their sympathy and condolences.
“The network just won’t be the same without Frank around. He will be sorely missed,” Vince Galloway, CEO of RTN Network, stated.
I couldn’t read anymore. I threw the paper on the table. Frank was dead and the first thing that came to mind was the conversation Geniese and I had years prior to this. “But that couldn’t have happened. There was no talk of foul play, no bullet wounds or ligature marks. Just that he was dead, in bed.” I started pacing the floor, trying to decide it I should even call Claire right now. That wouldn’t sound good if her lover called right after her husband is found dead. I put the phone down and waited for her call.
It took two days. Two days of insane worrying. Two nights of sleepless nights, tossing and turning. Two full days of mental torture.
The phone finally rang.


I truly enjoyed the back story of Donovan and Claire (hiss!!), from when they first met/hooked up when he was in high school, through to him being with Ally.

This book is such an emotional rollercoaster!  From the time they first got together while he was in his teens, Claire played mind games with Donovan.  He didn't know which way was up.  Claire is such a manipulative bitch, I was all

and then to Donovan

You can feel his struggles as he tries to get himself out of the situation he has found himself, when he thinks he really does love her.  It takes a while and a lot of heartache, but when Donovan finally gets himself away from her - and what a way of getting away from her - I was 

Whoops -got a bit carried away there, but boy was I happy with Donovan!!

I have loved this series since Overwhelm Me, and I want more! Well written, great character development, enough smut to keep us happy.

 Please AC Marchman, give us more!

Author Bio:
AC Marchman lives in Virginia with her husband Dan and their three children, Hannah, Jacob and Sarah. By day, she is a wife, mommy, and an x-ray tech for a doctor's office. By night (and nap time) she is a writer. She loves spending time with her family. She also loves to read. Her favorite authors being EL James, Sylvia Day, James Patterson, and Tess Gerritsen.

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