Saturday 13 July 2013

Bodyguards of Pleasure - Melody Snow Monroe

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5 of 5 stars

4 of 5 erotic tongues

 Book 8 in the Pleasure, Montana Series  


Overweight computer nerd Brooke Armstrong lives her dream of store ownership. When she witnesses a drug deal gone bad, the killer is intent on seeing her dead. Scared for her life and that of her family’s, she reluctantly accepts protection from two hot bodyguards, Gavin Kirkwood and Riley Landon.

Gavin can’t believe how much Brooke entices him. He’s drawn to her lush curves and intelligent mind. He knows she will make the perfect submissive for him and Riley.

Never in her wildest dreams did Brooke think the muscular former military man would find her attractive, but when he ties her up and demands her obedience, she’s in heaven.

Too bad the killer won’t let them revel in their passion. After a kidnapping gone wrong that ends in a do or die battle, the killer is brought to justice. How can the men convince Brooke they want her in a permanent ménage relationship?

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]

Bodyguards of Pleasure is a very sexy - suspensy Erotic ménage Romance (m/f/m).

After witnessing a man being killed in the alley behind her store in Pleasure, Montana, 30 year-old Computer-Nerd Brooke Armstrong needs to hide from the bad guys. Gavin Kirkwood and Riley Landon, 2 Private Detectives - new residents of Pleasure - take on the 'job' of protecting her. 
And like many people in the town of Pleasure, they soon start a ménage relationship - while still trying to keep the killers away from Brooke.

I really liked the story. 
Brooke is a slightly overweight, shy, computer expert, who's always dreamed of having a guy dominate her in the bedroom. But she's been disappointed a lot in the past, that's why she's a bit slow in believing those two sexy guys really want her. But they do - and it's H.O.T.!!!! Lots of sex! Brooke with Gavin - Brooke with Riley and of course all 3 of them together!

Gavin and Riley are really adorable - they know they're interested in Brooke from the first moment - they want to make the relationship permanent. But it's a bit hard for Brooke to let go of all her old fears...
But of course she overcomes her fears and there will be some pretty hot - bdsm-sex with blindfolds, cuff, safewords etc. ☺

And the suspense part of the book is really good too - not unbelievable or weird. It even has a few shocking moments that would make you jump off the couch - if the book would be a movie ☺

Of course there will be a happy end - and we also meet 2 other possible ménage couples for future books ;)

I really enjoyed the book!

(I wouldn't have minded 150 pages more though - with more sex and with just more Gavin-Brooke-Riley!)

About Melody (as seen on goodreads!)
 Unlike most other authors, I started writing late in life. Writing stories in high school and college was not for me. Only after I graduated did I fall in love with romance novels. For the next twenty years, I read voraciously. It got to a point where my book buying habits cost as much as my groceries. At that point, my husband suggested I write a book. Hey, it looked easy, right? All the stories started in the same spot (hero and heroine at odds) and ended the same way (happily ever after). Only it was anything but easy. Eleven years and fifteen completed romantic suspenses later, I finally published. I never would have gotten that far had it not been for two local chapters whose generous members shared their amazing wealth of knowledge.