Wednesday 29 December 2021

✪ The Clanlands Almanac - Seasonal Stories from Scotland ✪ Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish ✪



The follow up to the quarter of a million-copy selling, Sunday Times and New York Times #1 bestselling, Clanlands. Sam & Graham turn tour guides once again to bring readers more epic tales from Scotland.

A seasonal meander through the wilds of Scotland.

'If Clanlands was a gentle road trip through Scotland, this almanac is a top down, pedal to the metal up and down odyssey through the many byways of a Scottish year. An invitation to anyone who picks up the book to join us on a crazy camper van exploration over 12 glorious, whisky fuelled months. Mountains, battles, famous (and infamous) Scots, the alarming competitiveness of Men in Kilts, clans, feuds, flora, fauna, with a healthy sprinkling of embarrassing personal reminiscences thrown in. Much is explored, all is shared. It is a camper van cornucopia of all things Alba'.

From First Footing to Samhain, Fringe Festival follies to whisky lore, Sam & Graham guide readers through a year of Scottish legends, traditions, historical and contemporary events, sharing personal stories and tips as only these two chalk-and-cheese friends can.

As entertaining as it is practical, The Clanlands Almanac is a light-hearted education in Scottish history and culture, told through the eyes of two passionate Scotsmen. The perfect escapist guide, The Clanlands Almanac is intended as a starting point for your own Scottish discoveries.

   Copy received from Hachette Australia for an honest review 

Well, what a delightful read The Clanlands Almanac was.

I  enjoyed watching Men In Kilts, so to me this is just a more involved look into things to do in Scotland.

I mean, who needs a Lonely Planet guide when we have these guys?

You could hear their friendly jabs and jibing at each other come through as they give us a monthly run down of events in the Scottish calendar. I loved the history that they tell us, and I did laugh at their antics and their anecdotes.

I was quickly engaged in the story that Sam and Graham were telling, and I laughed out loud at times.

A thoroughly enjoyable romp through Scotland, it has made me want to go back and watch some Outlander.