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πŸŒ… THE TWO WEEK STAND 🍹 Samantha Towle 🌞

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• 2 April 2021
• standalone Beach Rom-Com
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4.25 Stars

A new standalone, sizzling beach romance!

Dillon Dawson loves to write romance despite her latest relationship ending with her traveling to the Maldives alone on what was supposed to be her honeymoon. Now, the only thing she wants is two weeks of uninterrupted peace and quiet with absolutely no men in sight.

West Oakley doesn’t even believe that romance exists, and he has no desire to convince himself otherwise. The only reason he’s heading to the Maldives is to escape a scandal and spend time on an island where no one knows who he is.

But plans change, and when West takes one look at Dillon, another idea forms in his mind
a no-strings two-week stand. Even though Dillon knows their sexual chemistry is explosive, her romantic heart is torn.

Can she really spend fourteen nights in the arms of a god like West, making all of her fantasies come true, only to walk away at the end of it?

Or can Dillon turn this two-week stand into more than an unexpected holiday fling, convincing West that romance does exist after all?

Dillon was supposed to go to the Maldives with her brand new husband. But now she's here all alone.
Enter West. He's in this honeymoon paradise all on his lonesome too.
Perfect, right?
Two weeks with this beautiful English almost-bride?
Lots of sun, alcohol. No strings, no people telling them what and what not to do?!


What will happen with Dillon & West?
Will there be a HEA?


You immediately fall in love with the location and with our hero and heroine!
It's all so sunny and alcoholy and fun and verrry sexy. But of course both are a bit sad and broken ... so this is just the perfect two-week stand in the most perfect location with the most perfect person. They're just perfect for each other.
But only in this island moment? Or for longer. Forever?
Who knows. We'll see. ☺

I really enjoyed reading this.
I felt like I was right there in this beautiful place with them. I think I mentally drank all the alcohol they had too! ☺
The island time is super fun and super sexy.
But then we have to go back to the real world... and things are a bit more complicated!
I was a huge fan of the bam - Surprise plot-twist thingy. meaning I was super surprised by it. But then ... once I thought about it for a second. It was a bit silly. I can't say more without spoiling but it was totally unbelievable for me. But it's a romance and we need a little drama - it was totally okay the way it was. You just have to overlook the tiny little ridiculousness of it.
Also ... their ages. I would've guessed them to be at least 6-10 years older by the way they act and behave and talk... 
But I still loved the book. The story. The cover. The characters.

Beautiful Vacation Love Story - with a real-world happy end??? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!! ☺

ARC received for an honest review
Sparks fly off the pages the minute we meet Dillon and West.  Maaaaan the lust bug flits between this pair straight away, and as a reader, I knew it was going to be hot when they got themselves sorted.
Whoda thunk that going on her honeymoon alone (can I saw eeeew for how she ended up alone) would turn into the fling of her life.
There's a little sad, a little funny and a lotta sexy between our lovelies. And the setting of the Maldives isn't a hard thing to deal with either (stupid pandemic and small bank account stopping me getting there).
I did want to shake some sense into West at times,  however I could also understand his reluctance to take things further (even when I wanted to shake him for being so stupid!)
This was an enjoyable, sexy read that will warm you up on a cold night.


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Samantha Towle is a New York TimesUSA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.
A native of Hull, she lives in East Yorkshire with her husband, their son and daughter, three large furbabies and their small grumpy cat.
She is the author of contemporary romances, The Storm Series, The Revved Series, The Wardrobe Series, The Gods Series, and standalones, TroubleWhen I Was Yours, The Ending I Want, Unsuitable, Under Her, River Wild, and Sacking the Quarterback which was written with James Patterson. She has also written paranormal romances, The Bringer and The Alexandra Jones Series. With over a million books sold, her titles have appeared in countless bestseller lists, and are currently translated into ten languages.

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