Sunday 11 April 2021

✪ Forgotten People ✪ Richard Evans ✪



  She wants her culture and country back. Independence was never ceded, and she will do whatever it takes to get it back, including sacrificing her life. When government peace talks stop, the revolution begins.

Should a government be obliged to negotiate a treaty with First Nations, ending decades of discrimination and disrespect for the Forgotten People, or will it defeat the revolutionaries fighting for justice in this gripping Australian political thriller?

Revolutionary leader, Nellie Millergoorra, campaigns for an Aboriginal homeland to preserve indigenous culture by advocating the prohibition of mining in Arnhem Land using a United Nations declaration to convince a disrespectful government to sign a treaty. Nellie will do whatever it takes to finally gain independence and end government regulation over her people.

When there is no agreement, she recruits mercenary special forces to inflame community chaos establishing an explosive aboriginal revolutionary movement. Using high-tech intervention, the mercenaries destablise the national energy grid starting a fanatical revolution with chaos on the streets. The mercenaries' secret intent is to steal money when security systems are disabled when the energy grid is down.

A contemptuous government is forced to the negotiation table to agree on a peace agreement putting an end to the escalating hostile revolution. Millergoorra wants more and demands sovereignty for First Nations, proclaiming a partitioned homeland for Aboriginal people is non-negotiable.

In a surprising confrontation with a reluctant prime minister, who is threatened with an ultimatum he can’t ignore, Millergoorra negotiates a treaty whilst facing her own battle for survival.

Forgotten People is a gripping political thriller featuring surprising plot twists, compelling characters, and a kick-arse female heroine. If you like fast-paced, page-turning thrillers then Richard Evans’ third book will not disappoint you.

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Copy received for an honest review 

Richard Evans gives us another thought provoking story with Forgotten People.
Now, as a white Australian with European heritage, I know that I am privileged.  I have never faced racism, have never had the issues that First Australians deal with every day.  And I also know that I have never really done anything to help, which is shameful.
In this book, Evans brings to light the troubles that we all tend to ignore, and will have you thinking "what would I do to save my family and my heritage?"
It will also have you second guessing all you know, and will probably confirm a lot of things you already thought about our politicians and government (not that it would really surprise any of us what they get up to to line their own pockets).
You can't help but feel for our main protaganist Miller as she tries to get, I guess you would call it retribution for the past 3 centuries of white man rule.
And you can't help but hate the men who are supposedly helping.  Out for all they can get. For themselves. Like always.
Forgotten People has left me with a lot of soul searching to do.  
I look forward to what Mr Evans brings us in the future.