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πŸ’œ Charming Billionaire - The Thatcher Kelly Collection ♡ MAX MONROE ♡ #BlogTour #Excerpt πŸ’œ


• 25 April 2021
• Billionaire Bad Boys 
Books #2 + #2.5 PLUS a brand new Novella: Crazy Fluffing Love

5 Stars

Players gonna play, but can a wild, untamable, alpha-billionaire player fall in love?


Meet the most irresistible billionaire of all-time in one sexy, steamy, downright hilarious, and binge-worthy romantic comedy collection (all for the price of one novella, too!).


This collection includes the following three books:


*Banking the Billionaire

*Banking Her

*And a BRAND-NEW novella, Crazy Fluffing Love

Banking the Billionaire


Uninhibited. Sarcastic. Confident. Beautiful.

With a thriving photography career that allows her to travel all over the world and capture the hottest of men behind her camera lens, Cassie Phillips is the woman who can’t be tamed.


Adrenaline-junkie. Jokester. Billionaire. Hot-as-sin.

At six-foot-five, with muscles for days, and that perfect playful smile, Thatcher Kelly is the kind of man you don’t want to deny.


Wild for wild.

Prank for prank.

The two most unlikely of people may be the only ones to see that some personality traits only run skin deep.


Uncensored. Hilarious. And too damn hot to put into words.

Grab a fan and get ready for one hell of a ride because when the opposite of opposites attract, things are bound to get a little messy.

Banking Her


Thatch and Cassie have finally found their perfect balance of good and sweet, crazy and playful, and most importantly, hot and insatiable.


But what happens when they're faced with a surprise neither of them plotted or schemed?


While Cassie seems to be taking everything in stride, Thatch can't stop himself from worrying about every little thing revolving around the woman he loves.


How does a man handle that kind of anxiety?

Doing the only thing he can to ease his mind without pushing away the woman he loves, Thatch proves that once again, when it comes to him and Cass, you'll never see what's coming.



Crazy Fluffing Love



Name: Thatcher Kelly

Age: Mid-thirties

Height: 6 foot 5 inches

Weight: A very sexy, lean, and muscular 250 pounds

Last seen: Panama City Beach, Florida

Important Note: This guy is a real good-looking motherfluffer.


Look, I know this might seem a little over the top to already prepare for my face to be plastered all over Missing Persons flyers, but trust me, it’s not.


My pregnant wife Cassiewhose hormones are swinging like a fluffing pendulumhas decided that we need a honeymoon.


Right the F now.


She wants us to go on a celebratory “spring break,” we-just-got-married vacation to none other than Panama City Beach, Florida. But the only problem is, it’s not spring.


It’s not even summer.


It’s October, my crazy-hot wife is pregnant, and things are starting to get really fluffing weird.


If you’re reading this, send help and plan a really nice memorial for my very super, beloved, *ahem* male member, who, for the sake of public decency, shall remain nameless. I’m not entirely sure he’s going to make it out alive.

Thatch Kelly. Our 2nd Original Billionaire Bad Boy. And one of - if not THE - most favorite of all the book boyfriends ever! 😍
This Collection is perfect for all the new readers out there who have never met Kline, Thatch, Wes et cetera. But you should start with Swoony Billionaire though - the Kline Brooks Collection. You don't wanna miss a single second of these amazing guys and their girls and pets ...!

But 'old' readers will love this book just as much - it was definitely time for a Thatch re-read and there's a brand new Novella in here too! 😱

You can find my 'old' reviews for Thatch's books BANKING THE BILLIONAIRE and BANKING HER by clicking on the titles ←←←! 

The short review for the new novella is coming now:

And what do you want me to say?

I just loved it.
Was there a possibility that anything involving Thatch was unlovable??? NOPE!
This little novela was fluffing perfect!
It was sexy - well - we need to call it what it is when Cassie and Thatch are involved: EROTIC! 🀣
It was also super hilarious and crazy and adorable and ... just Thatchy.
The novella starts only days after the football-field wedding.
Poor Thatch has his hands full with his crazy pregnant wife. LOL! And then this crazy wife wants her honeymoon. Now. Not after the baby is born - like they planned it. And not somewhere amazing like Bora Bora. Nope. Cassie takes poor Thatch on a crazy trip South. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Like Kline & Georgie's little extra novella - this one was just the most adorable little encore for this amazing couple/series.

And of course after reading this book - you won't be able to wait to read Wes & Winnie's story - which you can do - you don't have to wait for their collection!

And still I'm asking myself: How are none of Max Monroe's books streaming their behinds off on Netflix yet??? The world is a weird and sad place!! 

CHARMING BILLIONAIRE was an amazing + beautiful + hilarious + erotic extra for all new and old fans of the Bad Boy Billionaires!
If you haven't read this series yet - start with book #1 (Tapping the Billionaire or the first collection: Swoony Billionaire!)





I’m Thatcher Kelly.

Harvard graduate.

Financial Consultant for Brooks Media and its subsidiaries and several other Fortune 500 companies.


What? It sounds familiar? Fuck that.

I can’t help it if Kline went first and stole all of my shit.


Net worth: $1.2 billion. Yeah, perfect Kline is worth more than me. But I have my hands on a lot more things. Important things.

Okay, maybe not important. But they’re…pussies. I have my hands on pussies.


Relax, I’m kidding. Well, mostly.


A man of many talents, I have more interests and jobs than you would expect.

Adrenaline Junkie. Jumps and falls, dives or climbs—orgasms. If it makes the bottom fall out of your stomach and end up in your throat with a wave of pleasure for your whole body to surf afterward, I’m in.

I’m built like a tree, but I’d rather do anything than just stand there.

Get out, get wild, fucking live life.

It’s also probably not a surprise I’m known for going through a laundry list of women. Quite frankly, I won’t fucking apologize for it. They’ve all meant something to me, regardless of the amount of time they’ve been in my life, long or short, and they’ve all taught me something about life or myself that I won’t give back.

But I’ve also longed for the kind of monogamy my friend Kline has for most of my life. A person who does their best to know you in and out and looks out for you when you can’t look out for yourself. The kind of person who wants to live life to its very fullest—but wants to do it with you.

Bottom line, I’m eclectic. A confusing mix of inappropriate jokes and heartfelt sentiment, you can dig and dig, and you’ll still be miles from the bottom of me.

At least, that had always been the case until Cassie Phillips.

She’s crazy and needy and borderline inappropriate at all times.

But she’s got the softest untamed heart when you’re someone she cares about, and fuck if that hasn’t become my singularly most important goal—mean something to the woman who already means all the things to me.

Because for the guy who wants wild and commitment in the same fucking breath, you better believe it’s going to be one bumpy ride.

Fasten that seat belt tight, ladies and gentleman.

This is us.

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About five years ago, a dynamic duo of romance authors teamed up under the pseudonym Max Monroe, and, well, the rest is history...

Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of more than thirty contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far. ​