Thursday 22 April 2021

✪ Chaos and Love (Campus Hot Shots #2) ✪ Michelle A Valentine ✪


He's chaos--on and off the field...

For hotshot quarterback, Luke Finnegan, Love and Chaos are always intertwined, and when he decides he's through with relationships, a blonde artist with pink streaks in her hair convinces him sometimes love is worth the madness.

Miley St. Claire doesn't do relationships. She's seen the chaos they cause for those around her and she wants no part of that drama, which is why taking Luke Finnegan up on his offer to be friends with benefits is her ideal non-relationship. Trouble is, when she gets to know Luke, she finds herself missing him when he's not around and quickly realizes, to her absolute horror, she's falling for the sexy quarterback.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Chaos and Love is a stand-alone college football romance with a lot of sass and sexy times. No cliffhanger. No Cheating. There's definitely a HEA.

Interconnected stand-alone series order:
Rebellious and Reckless (Friends-to-Lovers romance)
Chaos and Love (Secret Dating Pact romance)
Dangerous and Disastrous (Enemies-to-Lovers romance
ARC received for an honest review

I have been waiting for Luke Finnegan's story since I finished his brother Baker's story

I liked that Luke was more than his QB1 persona.  I liked that he still misses his mama, hurts that his family hurts, and loves with abandon.

Miley is who she is, isn't afraid to admit that she likes sex and isn't the relationship type.

Now, this is where I have my problem - and it is going to be also a victim of circumstance and timing, but the fact she believes what everyone else tells her instead of what the guy she's with is telling her really gave me the irrits.

This is the 3rd book this week that I have read where the woman has done the same thing, and by the time Mily started doing it, I was over it.  If I hadn't read it so many times in such a short period of time, it wouldn't have bothered me.  However, it is what it was and it did affect my enjoyment of the book - sorry Ms Valentine,

I liked the banter between everyone, loved the way Baker and Luke and their family made their way back to each other.

And then there is Milo. Oh boy, that guy lol.  I can. not. wait for him to find the woman that brings him to his knees!