Tuesday 4 August 2020

✪ Dirty Playboy (Cocky Suits Chicago #6) ✪ Alex Wolf / Sloane Howell ✪

He’s obsessed with her.
She wants nothing to do with him.
Rick Lawrence doesn’t get attached to women. He beds them and sends them on their way.
Then, he sees her.
Mary Patrick is the ultimate good girl—religious, moral, responsible. She spends all her time at church or with her nose in a book.
The second he lays eyes on her he must have her.
She makes him want to be better.
He doesn’t even look at another woman for seven months.
She denies him every step of the way.
When he finally wears her down, gets his one big chance—his past catches up with him.
Secrets are revealed that threaten everything.
The only question that remains is…
Can they survive it? Or will it destroy both of them?

ARC received for an honest review

I have been looking forward to Rick's story as this series has progressed.

And whilst I liked it, I didn't like it as much as the previous books.

And I hated that I had to type that.

I liked Rick and Mary's story ARC, however there were things that I didn't like.

I like that there is the thrill in the chase, and the cat and mouse game.  But it just seemed to keep on going on, over and over. However, that was the least of my problems

And my problem is going to be mine and won't bother anyone else probably.

I am an athiest, and all the God and church stuff would normally make this a DNF story for me, but I kept going as I was keen to know how their tale would end.  I just skipped all the church scenes.

I liked the changes we see in both Rick and Mary  I liked seeing the couples from the previous books - I will always want more of that.

Will this stop me reading more from this series or this duo?  Not at all.  This book was the odd one out for me with this series, as up to here, I had found that I was liking each installment more.

Can't wait to see what Wolf/Howell bring us next.