Tuesday 11 August 2020

✪ Leo (More Than spinoff/Preston Brothers #3) ✪ Jay McLean ✪

One single summer changed them forever, and one moment of devastating silence destroyed it all.

Growing up with six siblings, Leo Preston has always struggled to find his voice.
While his brothers are loud, greedy, and somewhat obnoxious, Leo is forever the quiet one.
The thinker.
The listener.
He watches his life pass by as an outsider in his own world, absent and alone.
Until he finds her.

For Leo, Mia Kovács is like a prize, a gift wrapped in passion and devotion.
And she’s his—his very own secret he doesn’t have to share.
Together, they can overcome anything…
heartache and destruction, guilt and regret.

Mia gives Leo everything he didn’t know he needed,
including her fragile heart.
The only thing she doesn’t give him...
are secrets of her own. 

ARC received from author for an honest review

Move over Lucas and Logan - another Preston has taken my heart.

And a day after I have finished reading, that heart he stole? It is still aching.

This book Leo? It is everything.

Leo and Mia's story has many twists and turns, ups and downs, and woah, WTF moments.

Gah, I just don't know how to do this book justice with my words.

Jay McLean has absolutely wrecked me. I am sure this is her sitting at home.

Leo and Mia don't make it easy for the reader.  I am pretty sure the last hour of the book I read through big,ugly tears.

There was one scene that was so, so powerful that I went back and read it three times (and just read it again a little while ago - why did I do it to myself??).  Ms McLean's words would break the sturdiest of hearts.

Buy it. Read it.Love it.  But be prepared for the

Thank you Ms McLean for this book, and I can't wait for more