Tuesday 28 July 2020

★ Cat Johnson ★ ZERO FORKS ★

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28 July 2020
• Opposites-Attract 
(Younger Man / Older Woman!)

Small Town Secrets #4
• Coming Soon: Mister Naughty (A Mudville Christmas Wedding with Harper & Stone!)
4.5 Stars
I know a BS excuse when I hear one. And she's thrown a dozen at me about why we can't be together. I only have one thing to say to all of that. The number of fuc--uh--forks I give about what other people think about us is zero. A big fat goose egg.

See! I've even learned to watch my language around her and the kid. I'm that serious about proving to this woman she needs to give me--give us--a chance. That it doesn't matter if she is a little older than me, or that I work for her, or that the Mudville gossip mill has chosen us as the topic du jour.

All that matters is that I can prove to her that life, especially life in a small town, is so much better when you don't give a fu--um, I mean--fork.

Dammit, that swear jar is going to bankrupt me!

I've sworn off men. Work is my life now and that's exactly the way I like it.

That's what makes it extra uncomfortable that the adorable pre-schooler I inherited for six months while my sister is deployed has chosen a hot, ripped and much too sunshiny twenty-something farm boy as our new live-in nanny.

Boone's too sweet and good with the boy for me to fire him, but dammit he needs to start wearing more clothes around the house because I'm one hard ab away from breaking my vow of celibacy with a man who's ridiculously wrong for me.

Zero Forks is an opposites attract, older woman younger man, steamy, grumpy boss romance set in Mudville, the crazy small town you’ve come to know and love.

Boone. We all remember him as the adorable, fun & cheery youngest Morgan brother.
Now he'll finally get his own happily ever after!
Sarah is 39 and up for a huge promotion at work - just as her sister has to leave the country for her military job and Sarah has to take care of three year old Stewie.
Enter Mudville and Boone.
Sarah moves into town and hires him as a Nanny / Manny.
And next to his job on the family farm, other jobs for neighbors and friends and being a Nanny now too - he's busy trying to convince Sarah that he's the right man for her!
But it won't be easy, because the woman of his dreams is a tiny 13 years older than him and so not interested. Well, of course she is mega interested in the hot young guy. But what would people say? She can't fall for such a young guy, right?


Super Adorable!

Just like the first books in this series, this one was über-adorable and funny and small-towny and sparky and just totally sweet. I LOVED it!

Boone is such a sweet and cheery, happy person. And Sarah is such a cool business woman who has kinda sworn off men. But they would be so perfect for each other.
But the age difference! I'm not really a fan of huge age-gaps in romances, but it was soo adorable this time! I just loved reading this story. The words just raced from my kindle through my brain ... not like many other books, where you have to take breaks and go get a coffee every 15 minutes☺. This one wanted to be read in one go. I just adored everything in it!

I also loved seeing all the other people again!

I soo need to see this town on Netflix one day!

ZERO FORKS was such an adorable + funny + sweet small town reverse-age-gap love story! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Boone - this one is MINE!

Copy received from author for an honest review

Back to Mudville - and early! Woot!

I have been keen (ha, I'm a poet!) for Boone's story from he start of this series, and Cat Johnson has not disappointed.

This is the second book in a row that has a manny, and I gotta say... me likey!

I adore the small town feel of this series.  I live in a small town, so I completely get the lack of privacy and the gossipy nature of the book.  You can't sneeze in my town without someone 2 streets over saying bless you, so I get Sarah's reluctance to do things with Boone in public.

And my oh my, how freaking wonderful and adorable is Boone.  I love his always happy go lucky attitude, and love love love the way he goes all in for Sarah from the start.

Not going to lie, every time I read Stewie, I did think of Stewie from family guy hahaha. And I also thought throughout the story that something might happen with Stewie's mum - am glad it didn't.

I can't get enough of the couples we have previously met, and I wouldn't say no to more of them in the future.

Please Ms Johnson, make it happen!

Book #1


 Book #2


Book #3


 It all started in first grade when Cat Johnson won the essay contest at Hawthorne Elementary School and got to ride in the Chief of Police's car in the Memorial Day Parade...and the rest, as they say, is history. As an adult, Cat generally tries to stay out of police cars and is thrilled to be writing for a living. She has been published under a different name in the Young Adult genre, but released her first romance in 2006.

Today, she is a NY Times & USA Today best-selling, award-winning author of contemporary romance and contracted with Kensington and Samhain Publishing. She's also sponsored real live bull riding cowboys.

--from the author's website