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• True North series #5
• 29 May 2018
• can be read as a standalone - but PLEASE read the amazing first books too! ☺

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4.75 Stars

Sometimes you fall for Mr. Right. And sometimes for Mr. Right Now


Did you hear the one about the girl who walks into a bar and catches her live-in lover kissing someone else? No? You’re the only one in town who missed it.
Luckily Alec is there to wrap me up in strong arms and carry me out the door before things get too ugly. And that’s not all Alec is good at. Our unexpected chemistry makes him the perfect rebound guy.


I should know better than to hook up with my rival’s little sister, but the fiery look in May’s eyes really turns my crank. She needs cheering up, and I’m just the guy for the job.
It’s not like I’ll fall in love. Not even after a string of scorching hot trysts, and the realization that we’re good at the same things: wild nights and familial disappointment. I don’t do love, never have, never will. So this is the perfect arrangement, for both of us.
Nobody would approve, but nobody has to know

We all remember May from the first books. She's the Shipley's 'problem' child. She's an alcoholic. And nobody in the family really trusts her to make sensibly decisions about her love life and her life in general. Now she's living with a girl - Daniela - and hoping that for the first time in her life something is going her way. Hopefully forever. BUT, of course it's not - Daniela is cheating on her.
Poor May packs her bags and with the help of bar owner and her teenage crush Alec (who is the brother of the girl from book #4 and a little bit of a Shipley family nemesis - as in he hates them!) she moves back in with her parents. Just what any 27 year old lawyer wants.

Alec is busy with his bar. He needs money to make some changes; like brew his own beer, add a restaurant. But now he's horribly distracted by beautiful May.
But of course she's gay, right?

What will happen to May & Alec?
Will there be a Happily Ever After?

Eeep - I was so glad when I found out that this series was not over yet!
I loved Griffin and the other guys ... and now here's finally May's story.
She pretty quickly starts something with Alec...

And both know that it's only sex and only for a little while. Nobody can know. Griffin would probably kill Alec.
But it's not only for a little while. It becomes serious pretty fast. But poor May doesn't know if she can trust herself and she doesn't know that Alec really understands what it means to be with an alcoholic. But of course Alec is mega adorable about everything! Even though he has his own problems!

Such a sweet & moving & sexy & fun romance. With a lot of very serious topics.
I adored it!

I soooo want this series to be on Netflix one day! PLEASE!

SPEAKEASY was such an adorable & moving & sexy & funny love story!
Will May & Alec get that happily ever after? Run to your nearest amazon to find out!!!

ARC received for an honest review.

Like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally... yes, yes ,YES we are back in Vermont and the Shipley family.
I was over the moon when I found out we were getting more of the True North series, and as much as I have adored Griff Shipley in the past, I think his sister May is now my favourite Shipley out there.
Speakeasy is full of fun and sexy times, and full of heartbreak and frustration and gah, just everything!
I adore Alec.  I love how he goes for what he wants, that he understands May, even when she doesn't understand herself.
Griff though, ugh. He was such a douche to both May and Alec at times in this story - but I still can't help but love Gruff Griff!
Speakeasy also tackles some serious issues and they hurt my heart that our characters were dealing with these issues, however I was their biggest cheerleader.
Sweet, sexy, fun romance that I read in one go as I couldn't put it down.
Ms Bowen has made me want to drink cider - and beer - and I don't like either of them.  It think it is time to plan a trip to Vermont.
I can't wait to see what she brings us next.


🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎 The True North Series 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎






Book #4

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