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• True North series #4
• 20 October 2017

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5 Stars

No last names. No life stories. Those were the rules.

Once upon a time a cocky, copper-haired tourist sauntered into Zara’s bar. And even though she knew better, Zara indulged in a cure for the small-town blues. It was supposed to be an uncomplicated fling
a few sizzling weeks before he went back to his life, and she moved on.

Until an accidental pregnancy changed her life.

Two years later, she
s made peace with the notion that Dave No-Last-Name will never be found. Until one summer day when he walks into her coffee shop, leveling her with the same hot smile that always renders her defenseless.

Dave Beringer has never forgotten the intense month he spent with prickly Zara. Their nights together were the first true intimacy he’d ever experienced. But the discovery of his child is the shock of a lifetime, and his ugly past puts relationships and family out of reach.

Or does it? Vermont’s countryside has a way of nurturing even tortured souls. The fields and the orchards
and hard won loveare Bountiful.

We all remember Zara from the previous books - she runs the bar in town - and she became best friends with Audrey from book #1.

The book starts two years ago. When, after flirting with him for almost a month, Zara finally spends a night with handsome bar-client Dave.

There's this huge attraction between them, but until a few months ago, Zara was half in love with Griffin (from book #1). And Dave? He doesn't really look as if he'd fit in here - in this little Vermont town - with his expensive clothes and the rich-guy watch.
What Zara doesn't know - Dave is a famous hockey player.
(He's been seen around Sarina's hockey series!!)
And what Zara also doesn't know? When he leaves, once his summer vacation in Vermont is over - he'll leave behind a little 9-months gift.
Fast forward two years .... poor Dave is about to find out he's a daddy....
But his career is not over yet - his life is in New York! And he's not a family person - he never had that growing up and he wasn't planning on having it now - or ever ....
But his two Vermont girls are reallllly hard to resist.

What will happen to Zara & Dave?
Will there be a Happily Ever After?

Eeep - I was so glad when I found out that this series was not over yet!
I loved Griffin and the other guys ... and now here's finally Zara's story.
We were always wondering who her baby daddy is....and now we know. Only he doesn't yet!

This was such an sweet romance.
Adorable, sexy, funny.
Serious too.
Zara is afraid to be left again. She doesn't want herself or her daughter to wait for a man/dad to come back home - just like Zara and her mom waited around for her dad to come back.
And Dave's life growing up wasn't the best - he still has nightmares. That's why he never wanted to fall in love and have a family. But now here's his ready-made family. What to do? He still has a few years of professional hockey in him... in Brooklyn!

I just loved this book. The baby and daddy moments! Ugh! ♥♥♥
I love the whole atmosphere - Vermont and the apple and pear orchards. The food! The people - the Shipleys - Zara's brothers - everybody!
I want this series to be on Netflix one day!
And I also hope that this was not the last book - there are SO many more stories to be told! I want Benito next and Kieran and Alec and Bess and ugh - allll of them!

BOUNTIFUL was such an adorable love story!
But is this hockey hottie ready for his happily ever after in Vermont? Run to your nearest amazon to find out!!! ☺

ARC received for an honest review.

Move over Prince Harry, this girl has a new favorite ginger!

Dave Beringer style my heart the first time he walked into The Mountain Goat and I don't want it back.

I loved that Bountiful brings together the best of Ms Bowen's series - all series that I have devoured (The Ivy Years, Brooklyn Bruisers and True North)

If you have read the True North series, you have met our leading lady Zara. I liked her as a bit player in the earlier books but freaking love her as our main.

She is smart, sassy and takes no crap. She has a but more baggage than some but that makes her the woman she is today.

Enter Dave and sparks fly. Seriously, you could start a fire with all the sexual tension between them.

The story flows well and made me stay up till the wee hours of the morning to finish.

It's no secret there's a baby on board with this book, but Nicole really is a little scene stealer, and is going to melt your heart.

I asked the return of Gruff and Trevi to my kindle, and feel there are so many more stories that we could get from characters in this story.

I hope we get them! Please give them to us Ms Bowen!!







Sarina Bowen writes steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction from the wilds of Vermont.

She is the author of The Ivy Years, an award-winning series set amid the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college.

Waiting for more Ivy Years? You can read more about upcoming volumes in the four book series at

Also, the Gravity series.

Sarina enjoys skiing, espresso drinks and the occasional margarita. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.

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