Wednesday 18 October 2017

✪ LIVE YOUR DREAM ✪ #RedfallDreamSeries2 ✪ B.B. Miller & Leslie Carson ✪

© Bianca Janeane

• 18 October 2017
• 309 pages

#1 – Rock The Dream – Kennedy & Abby
#3 – Chase The Dream – Cam & Samantha 

#4 – Wildest Dream – Sean & Cassidy 

5 Stars

Bass player for acclaimed rock band, Redfall, Matt Logan excels at connecting intricate harmonies to a distinctive groove. His connections off-stage are just as legendaryand scores of women line up to be next.

However, all the women and accolades are just a way of silencing the dangerous voices of his past. Voices he has trouble putting behind him.

When he collides with the spirited Tessa Baker, an up-and-coming executive determined to prove her worth to her colleagues, Matt is shocked to discover that there may be a better way of drowning out the noise.

Will Matt give in to the fears that haunt him, or will he and Tessa dare to live their own dream?

This second book is about Matt and Tessa.

Matt uses one-night stands to silence the voices in his head. Voices about his effed up childhood and youth.
But now here's this woman that has him mega-intrigued.
Maybe he doesn't need the constant one-night stands with strangers. Maybe he can have something real and serious and forever ever after?
But that's only a stupid dream for someone like him... right???

What will happen with Tessa & Matt ?
Will there be a HEA?



I just love those!

And this book was just as great as the first one!
We have those mid-thirties rock stars. With all their problems. Alcohol. Drugs. Women. Family.
The first one has been tamed, and now it's Matt's turn.
He's completely in lust/love/interest with Tess after their one night right at the beginning of the book - so why not try something serious for once?
Too bad he has to leave for the Australian leg of their tour in a couple of days.
But he'll try his best so that she won't forget him in those 3 weeks! ☺

I really loved Matt and Tessa. They just click.
She's this happy in life and happy in her job girl with the perfect family.
And he's this poor little rock star with a sad childhood and with the bad memories that just won't go away. Until Tessa.
I love that they get together right at the beginning of the book and not like all the other books, where there's so much to overcome and then at the 97% mark they finally get together.
Doesn't mean we don't have any stuff to overcome here.
We have some very serious & intense things in this book. Like homeless children. Sick children. Family. Loss. Grief. Hope. Hopelessness. Addiction. And there are even some very scary and suspensy moments!!
But of course we also have those adorable and funny rock star moments and some very sexy moments!

I laughed, I cried, I swooned. Loved it!!!!

LIVE YOUR DREAM was an amazingly beautiful & intense & sexy & moving #RockStarRomance!
Run to your nearest amazon for your own Matt Logan! Because this one is MINE!

Now I really want to read book #3 ...





B.B. Miller

From her home near Portland, Oregon, B.B. Miller spends her days with family and friends in search of the perfect pear martini.

Ms. Miller writes together with Leslie Carson about rock musicians, fortune cookies, tattoos, and finding love in the most unexpected places.

Their first stand-alone novel in a four part series - Rock The Dream - is coming soon.

Leslie Carson

Leslie Carson lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her busy family and seems to spend more time at the hockey rink than outside of it. When she's not shuttling to hockey games, she's enjoying time with family, friends and wine.

Leslie is writing together with B.B. Miller about rock star adventures, tattoos, and finding love in the most unexpected places.

Their first novel in a four part series - Rock The Dream -releases February 1.