Wednesday 13 September 2017

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• release date -  12 September 2017 ☺
• erotic M/M Romance!
• book #5 in the Temptation Series
5 #Fangirl Stars

William Tate Morrison The man who came into my life and turned my entire worldand meon its ass.

Logan Mitchell has always been a man with a plan.

One for work. One for his relationship. And one for his life. Which is exactly the way he liked ituntil recently.

Now with words like marriage and weddings floating around his head, Logan’s plans have suddenly changed course, and where they want him to go has him feeling somewhat distracted.

Tate Morrison knows Logan better than anybody elseor so he thinks. So when his lawyer is finding it hard to sleep at night, he chalks it up to the craziness that has recently descended on their lives.

Never in a million years would he guess what’s really on Logan’s mind.

Tate is the fifth book in the Temptation Series, and the next chapter in the lives of the two men we have all come to know and love.

ARC received for an honest review

That up there?  That was me when Tate turned up on my Kindle.

Logan and Tate are my guys - I wouldn't care if the entire book was L&T reading the phone book, I would adore it.

Now, if you are up to date with the series, you will remember the bombshell that Logan dropped on us right at the end of Tease.

Tate carries on right where that bombshell was dropped.

There is so much going on for our lovelies, but so much I cannot say as I don't want to spoil things for anyone.

But I have to say, you are going to love where the story takes them.

It is sweet, it is funny, it is emotional, and it is quintessentially Logan and Tate.

I loved getting more of Cole and Rachel, and there is something going on with Robbie that I really, really need to know about!

Sigh, why did this book have to end??  I can't wait for the final book to come.

So for now it is time for our lovelies to say goodbye - but not forever.



We're back with our darlings Logan & Tate!
If you haven't read TRY & TAKE & TRUST & TEASE you should definitely do it now, before reading TATE!


We start basically right where we left them in the last book.
Logan is hiding his scary marriage thoughts from Tate.
The meeting with Tate's sister is getting closer.
The boys are thinking about getting a new place together.
Robbie and his troubles.
The office renovations.
Priest - the new partner at the firm and why he and Robbie can't stand each other?
Lots of stuff on our darlings' minds.
But they'll fight through everything together.




I just LOVED loved LOVED this book.

I never want this series to end! Can't we just make a Netflix show out of it and watch it every day for the rest of eternity?

TATE was so very sexy, funny, moving, adorable ... Just perfect!
I might have even cried on a few tiny little occasions.
There's so much going on in that book, but it's also not filled with unnecessary drama - even though we do have some drama! OY! 😟
I can't wait too see where the boys will take us in the last book in January!
Also, I want to be Tate and Logan when I grow up!

I loved every single adorable and funny and moving and erotic moment of this book!


I have a tiny little something to complain about... nothing bad - just something difficult for this confused bookalzheimer-sufferer....
I wish those book would've been written in the first person POV!

It gets sooo confusing for me when it's two guys talking and thinking - all those him's and his's and grrr - I sometimes didn't know who was thinking/doing/saying what. :(


if you haven't read the first 4 books yet - DO IT NOW!! Preferably before reading #4☺

Book #4

Ella Frank is the author of the #1 Bestselling Temptation series, including Try, Take,and Trust and is the co-author of the fan-favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict.

Her Exquisite series has been praised as scorching hot! and enticingly sexy!

A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR.